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Irrigation colostomy


Hello  I have heard great responses from several folks here that irrigagte.  I finally received my supplies today.  I received the stoma caps and wafers, in addition to the irrigation it which includes the sleeves, and the other items.  I am very nervous to start.  The nurse that I can call is the surgeons assistant not a ostomy nurse but, she has recommended that I start.  They are pretty far from where I live.  Does anyone think that I can just go for it or do I need to sit with someone to teach me how to do it.  I have been checking out the you tube videos and I must say that they have been very informative.  I alsio have a stoma that is not completed hidden and I am hopiong tht this is not a problem.  Can you guys please send me some information.  thanks

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I've been irrigatn for 4 years, totally thankful to the inventor, make sure the water is around 36 c in temp before you put it in, I use 1.5 litres, have a big glass of room temp water to drink bit by bit  after you start emptying the water out of your stoma into the toilet, the glass of water helps with the body naturally moving everything out, after I've input the 1.5 litres (you may need less than this amout) I wait for about 4 minutes and massage my abdomen during that time to mix it all up inside, then after the 4 mins is up  I let it all out. You'll work out whats best for you, its basically get set up with jugs of water, sleeves and water satchel and cone etc, get the water in through your stoma ( you can stop any time and empty if you feel the need to ), wait a little while ( I do 4 min ), and let it all out and wait about 20 mins for it to completely empty. This is how I do it, you'll work out the best way for you, it ended up very easy for me, Good Luck with this new ability.


Good morning  Sadly irrigating this morning did not work completely.  I placed all of the appliances in place in rest room.  I inserted the cone which supprisngly did nt hurt nor did I feel anything.  As I let the water flow, at times it would back up and fall into the sleeve.  This went on for several minutes.  I though, that because of that my body did not irrigate.  No output what so ever, strange.  I will try agin tomorrow morning.  I filled the bag with atleast 1.5 liters of water (not hot nor cold) just right I am thiniking.  If any body has any suggestions please chim in.  I hope that this model works for me.  I can see how appealing it can be.  thanks


Hey Betty, you sound courageous, thats good, you'll see its worth it. After my last message I remembered some things I left out. Just lately I've realised its better to irri after eating, about 1 hour after, because I found if you eat after irri, even if its small its like a shock to my digestive system and makes a little output happen eventhough I emptied the large int previously. So, I'm trying to irri after eating, it works for me. Another is I irri every day, some people I've heard can do it every second day, amazing, but I feel more relaxed having less expectation of an incident. Regarding the prob you had, I forgot to mention to get the air out of the tube leading up to the cone, just drain it to that point where all the air is out. I put the cone in, the stoma can try and resist it being inserted so just wait, it will give up and when its sitting in the stoma as far as  it can go then turn the water on to fill yourself up. If I do it this way I get minimal leaks, and the leaks do cease. When I said to massage the abdomen, what I should have said was when half the water is in I give my abdomen little jolts with my knuckles, just to make sure the water is getting past blockages to fill the large intestine. I do this gently though, thats all thats needed and it may be a solution for the problem you had with getting the water in. Remember, don't turn the water on until the cone is comfortably seated in the stoma as far as it can go, after the stoma has given up trying to reject it. Whenall the water has been input I wait about 3 to 4 min before letting all the water out, also in that 3 to 4 I give  little jolts to my abdomen with my knuckles, gently, to mix it all up inside, works great for me.

PS remember when the cone is happily seated in the stoma, and the stoma has given up trying to reject it, and you've turned the water on ( temp should be around 36 c ) remember to hold the cone firmly in the stoma and just wait. You'll work out what needs to be done from here.

Power on Chicken.

Let me know how you go,

we will defintly get there.


i seem to have the best luck irrigating on an empty stomach, you might try it both ways. its important that you relax when trying to get the water in, hold the cone in firmly, you may have to tilt the cone to direct the water to the path of least resistance. breath calmly and shallow, a large breath will almost always stop the water from going in, again try to relax and find the "sweet spot" where the water flows in the best{watch your flow indicator on the valve}. put as close to the 1.5 liters in as you can get. the water may flow in for a bit then stop, continue holding the cone in and give it a few seconds as sometimes it must overcome your colons parastolic patient. how high is the water bag? the bottom needs to be about shoulder height. if you dont have any luck the second time you can pm me your phone number and i would be glad to coach you thru your next try. good luck, keep us posted.


yes sir this morning was a bit better but not much.  I will take all of these suggestions in consederation.  For I will do it again tomorrow mornng.  I will keep you guys posted.  thanks


Just take your time and it will come for you. I find that I have good success early in the mornings. It sort of wakes my system up. Sometimes you will build up deposits of fecal matter in the area near the aroma and that will cause it to spit back out. Just keep at it and you will clear that out. You will eventually see changes. I typically use 1.5 liters every third day, but my diet dictates how often I need irrigation. The videos are what I used to learn. I have been irrigating since one month post surgery. Your hydration level also effects how easy it is to irrigate, if you are dehydrated you might not get all 1.5 liters back out. If you have any questions just keep asking and will help all I can. 


wow thanks for sharing.  you are right the deposits are true.         i am staying with it.  i do have to drink more.  my diet actually sucks.  i think its affecting my mood.


I have been irrigating for 4 years sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't I suggest you do it the same exact time everyday also suggest you do it at the time that you normally had a bowel movement before you lost your colon I believe your life will be much better once you start doing irrigation regularly I hope this helps Bye

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