Need help with pancaking issue - suggestions for better flanges?


Hey guys, I'm still getting used to all this. I haven't seen the actual stoma nurse since surgery, but a referral has been put in, or so I've been told (I've heard they are much like unicorns outside of the hospital).

I don't like any flange I've tried. No issues with leaking, it's the 'pancaking' that's bothering me. I've only used a few different Hollister flanges, and there has to be better out there. I want something that helps the contents go to the bottom of the bag, like where it should be going, not caked around the inside ring.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I would appreciate it.

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I use the Hollister 2 piece and get the "pancake".. I just push it down into the bag; no biggie... And an extra tip... I buy doggy poop bags from the dollar store and put one inside my bag.. Works great and you save on the Hollister bags... I wrap the excess poop bag around the ring so it's not sitting on my skin...

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I'm a little confused, lol. I'm trying to picture this and then I thought maybe you mean you put the doggie doo bag in another bag, like a purse? Or do you put it inside your ostomy bag? That's a great idea to use those instead of the Hollister bags. I'm so glad you mentioned it.

Re: pancaking. I think I'm just worried there will be a leak behind the flange because of it. It hasn't happened, but I change my bag more often out of this fear. Paranoia? Probably, lol.


I have issues with pancaking as well. I noticed if I drink more water it helps. There is a product called EZ Vent that lets air into your pouch and helps things move down, here is a link if you want to read more about it or ask for samples. It helps.


I had problems with pancaking when I used Hollister flanges and pouches, lots of failures and leaks. Now I use a convex flange from Coloplast (Sensura) and the difference has been phenomenal. The output hasn't changed, but the change in products has literally given me back my life. I have saved time, money, and tears.

Call around for samples of different brands, Coloplast has a quiz that helps you decide which product might work better for you.

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I use the 2-piece Coloplast Sensura Mio with light convexity and closed pouches with filters. Each person is different and you need to keep test driving until you find one that works for you.


Hey BYOH, call Convatec at 1-800-422-8811, tell them your story, identify the Hollister stuff you're using and they'll send you samples of their products.  I think you'll be happy.


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