Growing bulge in stomach after bowel surgery - need advice!


Hello all:

I had bowel surgery 2 years ago and received an ostomy. Since then, a bulge in the right side of my stomach has continued to grow. It becomes painful right after I eat a meal. I am not getting the output that I should be. I don't know whether it is a knot in my bowel or a painful hernia...any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Hello Peony, thank you for the post. I would recommend going to your GI specialist right away and explain what is happening. The condition could be a number of things and a specialist is needed. A friend of mine who also has an ostomy had a similar problem. She had a growing hernia blocking the output of the ostomy. She was able to correct the situation and now is feeling 100% better. Take care and good luck. Keep us posted on how you are doing and feeling. Sincerely, LH

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How was she able to correct the problem... thank you!


What you are experiencing is a blockage, and the bulging is the abdomen becoming herniated. I unfortunately have experienced these issues, and had surgery once already to remove the hernia from the right side. Now on the left, I have a hernia on the left side. After my last trip to the hospital from an uncomfortable blockage, I stopped eating starchy foods and have not had any blockages since. I have done an extensive diet change since having my ileostomy after losing my colon to cancer and continue to learn the hard way and fine-tune my diet. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. Hope this helps. Gary


Hi, I'm Marsha, and I have had my ostomy for more than 50 years. Originally, I was thin to average, and had a flat belly, as well as a well-formed stoma. But the years passed, plus two pregnancies, and my body changed "shape". Weight gain didn't help. I started to notice a protrusion on my right side, next to the stoma, a few hours after I ate. No real pain, but some pressure. I started to gently massage the area, and that seemed to get the bowel moving. I could almost "press" the fecal matter out of the stoma.

Spoke to the dr. (who wasn't the original surgeon) who said the bowels probably shifted over the years, and as long as there was no pain, not to worry about it. It's really very odd... as it feels much the way it did when I was pregnant, and could see baby parts pushing against the skin.

As everyone will tell you, drinking a lot of water is important for many reasons. I drink at least 8 full glasses (64 oz) a day, and more in the summer. I start the morning, before breakfast, by downing a full glass. It's not for pleasure... just medicinal. Gave up ice... and drink it room temp, making it easier to go down. Ice is for "pleasure" sipping tea or lemonade... or ice water, for fun. All that water really does help everything work more smoothly. Best of luck


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Hi Marsha, hope all is well. As always, your posts are very helpful. Thank you again for sharing your years of experience living life with a stoma. Take care. LH

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