Timing of Surgery After Colonoscopy?

Feb 17, 2017 9:53 am

OK, I have a colonoscopy coming up in a week (Friday morning). I'm not too worried about it as I will be under MAC sedation (I'm still freaking out a little because hospitals are always a little discerning with me), but I've never had one before; so there's that.

Anyway! I have a temporary sigmoid colostomy due to diverticulitis and my colonoscopy will determine the fate of my stoma (I never named the stoma itself, but I did name my bag Trevor the leach, as he sucks the poo out of me; but I digress!).

I guess question wise, I'm wondering about how long after the procedure will my actual surgery be scheduled? I wouldn't expect it to be the day, or even week after. But are we talking months?

Any other helpful comments or stories would be much appreciated!


NJ Bain
Feb 17, 2017 2:59 pm


Welcome to the site! I can't say how long it will take for the reversal to be scheduled, but I would guess maybe a month or 2 after the colonoscopy. I'm sure someone here will chime in on that one.

As for the colonoscopy itself, the prep was the worst thing I ever had to deal with. The drugs they give you for the procedure give you an "IDGAF" attitude, so that's good. It's kind of like you know something invasive is happening, but you basically forget it happens. It's hard to explain. All I remember on my first one at 21, I asked if it was over, they said yes, and I replied, "It's Milla time!"......I'm sure very few people will get that.

Afterwards, you'll have a lot of gas to get rid of and will be farting up a storm. But it's better than a sigmoidoscopy as there is no sedation on that one. I had one done last year on what's left of my rectum, and it was the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

Hope this at least made you laugh. Good luck!


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Feb 18, 2017 8:56 am

I guess there are two relevant factors, Paul. I was given a choice of reversal or not prior to a sigmoid operation to remove cancer which, I am very pleased to say, it was picked up on a routine colonoscopy examination. I had no symptoms at all.

The factors that were considered in my case were my age and my general state of health. It was also pointed out to me that the mucous glands would remain and so smelly secretions would need to be managed.

I am 79 in a few days and use a wheelchair as my primary mobility. If I had decided to wait for a reversal, it would have meant a return to surgery in about six months.

Initially, I opted to be returned to "normal" but given that I spend a lot of time sitting on an old sphincter which would not have improved with age and not being used for six months, I finished opting for a complete removal of the sigmoid and sphincter.

Three months later, I am glad I went along that road as both mind and body are coming to accept the stoma, albeit a not very well-formed version.

So if your surgeon can promise a return to "normal operations" in a few months, I would say go for the reversal but question him/her very closely on likely outcomes.



Reversal in Alabama
Feb 21, 2017 2:57 pm


Results from colonoscopy will help your surgeon determine when the reversal takes place. Prep for colonoscopy is never fun but with the bag it is worse. Thankfully Coloplast has a special bag for that! Seriously, there is a special high output bag with a spout instead of the normal roll up bottom. Although uncomfortable to walk around with, it's the best thing for the constant output from the prep.

I had my reversal in December and am happy to report things are more "normal" every day.

Feb 27, 2017 7:10 pm

I'm sure I'm late posting this so hope this finds you past the colonoscopy!!! I had mine in mid-November and had my reversal done on Dec 7. My surgeon was just waiting on the results. I also had to have a barium enema and I can truly say that sucked more than the colonoscopy!!! Hope your results were what you wanted! If you need any advice or general info on reversal surgery I'm here to help! I had freaked myself out over the surgery until my surgeons told me to stop reading the internet. I am almost 3 months post-op and doing amazing!!

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister
NJ Bain
Feb 27, 2017 7:24 pm


Glad to hear you are doing well. And I wholeheartedly agree about the colonoscopy being better than the barium enema. I had my first one at 14. I felt so violated. I got them back though. I was lying on my stomach while they went to make sure the x-rays had come out okay, but they wouldn't listen when I said I had to go to the bathroom.

Needless to say, my colon had been through too much and I coated the x-ray machine with used barium and other foreign matter...lol

Good times!