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i am newly back to the group. I have a ileo and a uro. Ileo since i day one and uro since i was born. I was born witha rare birth defect. I'm a very open person about it face to face. I'm not really into posts talking about it. I am looking to find other ladies to meet and talk to. Share medical, future goals etc. So far i am not finding this site very helpful but who know. i just bought a years membership sooooo i guess i'll have a year to figure it. lol


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Hello Daydream.

I don't fit the criteria of being a 'lady' but welcome to the site anyway and I  hope you find what you are looking for.

I always recommend browsing through the 'contents' section under 'collections' as  there is a wealth of great pst corespondence in there that is might appeal to you.

Best wishes



Nice to meet you.  Thanks for the help and advice. 



Hi Sabrina,

Welcome to MAO. I too hope you find friends you can meet with to chat. But we're here if you ever want to post questions, rant or just blog.


Thanks... no luck really with any of the site


Hi there!  I was born with spina bifida and have had a urostomy since age 10.  I have faced a lot in my life too.  I'm a guy but so what.  I would like to talk to you sometime.  We might be able to help each other.  I look forward to hearing from you.      Tom


Hello, nice to meet you as well.

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