Foods for ileostomy diet: What to eat & avoid?


Hey guys. I have had my little friend (I call him Sammy) for 8 years and have been on a very strict moderate fiber diet. 8 years later, I'm still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. For example... I love honey roasted cashews... Can I still eat a bit at a time? What about sauerkraut? I have found that, with moderation, I can eat a lot of things on the "no-no" list.

If any of you can let me know some of the foods on a diet for someone with an ileostomy, as well as what to avoid, that would be great. I also welcome different recipes.



It's kind of trial and error. There is of course a list of foods that can cause issues but everyone's system is different. Moderation is the best way to learn. I found out the hard way shortly after surgery what some foods did to me.

Danger foods like nuts can be eaten like one or two handfuls as long as you chew them up VERY well or eaten with a non-danger food. I usually mix my dry roasted peanuts with Chex mix.

I have no problem processing sauerkraut because I'm usually eating a hot dog with it. No issues with salads as long as I chew them up well. Fresh fruits are fine but my system doesn't like skin. Like apple skin. Bananas kill me unless I eat them with something else. It feels like lead sitting in my stomach. And I just have to wait for it to digest.

Recently I've noticed that my stomach doesn't like processed french fries like Ore-Ida frozen french fries. Fast food fries are no problem so I don't understand why the Ore-Ida ones give me issues.

But I can eat just about anything as long as I chew it up well.


Hey, Bain

I love sauerkraut with either a hot dog or a pork chop, but I have been deathly afraid to try it because of the gas factor. I will try a bit though. And I'm totally going to try nuts too!! Thanks+++

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The only food I have had any issue with is nuts. I eat them every week but have learned to chew them well. I avoid apple and tomato skins but don't really have to. Just don't particularly like dealing with them when emptying my bag.

Hi Tink

I can eat almost everything, but I have to chew it to death! The only things I have a problem with are fresh peaches(!), spaghetti squash (hard to chew it much) and apple skins. I love almonds, and eat about ten of them for a snack, chewing them to death of course. Too much of anything with fiber is probably going to cause problems.

Good luck


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I'm trying to eat honey roasted many should I eat at a time??

Hi Tink

I would just try a few at first (say four or five), and then increase it by a couple at a time. I wouldn't ever have more than about 10. Chew them until they are absolutely pulverized! (That keeps the taste in your mouth for longer anyway). Obviously, this is just my opinion - not medically correct.


Tink, I am one of those lucky ones who has had no issues in my 3 years of being an ileostomate. I eat EVERYTHING. The key, however, is to realize that you MUST chew everything until it is pulverized. Growing up, my mother used to make us chew our food 100 times (yeah, I know it's a bit silly), but this patience has come in handy now. You must also be aware of the items' reactions on your body, i.e. sauerkraut and any cabbage product, beans, broccoli, etc. The items that caused you gas before your surgery will cause you gas now. Burping your bag can become an after-meal pastime sport if you overindulge. Skins on anything can be dangerous because we tend to NOT chew enough to dissolve them, so either remove them or CHEW CHEW CHEW. And I LOVE NUTS. Honey cashew, peanuts, walnut, pecans, almonds, and on and on....again, CHEW CHEW CHEW. Nuts are an excellent source of protein. Most folks will tell you eating with something else is key, but I have found (and heard from others) that when eating with something else, say cashew chicken, people tend to forget to chew the nuts as well as they should and swallow quicker. So, pretty much all things in moderation and CHEW CHEW CHEW



Thanks for all of the advice! I had to chew my food at least 50 times when I was younger and I try to do that now. I am totally trying nuts and sauerkraut which is my favorite. I am going to take your advice and chew, chew, chew lol.

I've had an ileostomy since 1976. Only once did I have a problem - I ate a lot of peanuts without much chewing. Real roughage tends to cause leaks, but I've never had gut problems. Pineapple and corn are very fibrous. Just chew things properly and you should not have any problems. I eat beans and rice regularly.

Hope this is useful.


Thanks Mike!!! I will keep that in mind

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