Need advice for recurring stomach cramps, please help!


Here I am again, up all night. So frustrating as I was doing so well! I am convinced that "Maxine" does not like potato soup, even though there were no skins to worry about and very light seasoning. So here I sit with my heating pad and peppermint tea, fighting stomach cramps every 5 to 7 minutes. I was hoping that I was finally over the hump in the healing process. I don't think it is really a blockage actually. I think it is excess gas but the issue is it rolls around and has no place to go as my stoma is not opening to let it out, but liquid gets through so it is confusing. It starts slow, rises up in severe pain like a bell curve, and then eases off. If it goes out through the stoma, it eases up, but if not, I get tied up in severe cramps. So, here I sit, starting to go down my checklist, trying each thing to get relief. I have already had two doses of my meds so I have to wait before I try it again. The next item on the list will be a hot bath. I really hate having to do it as I seem to be going through my supplies faster than I want to. Hopefully, I will get relief before that. I was really pleased with myself because I haven't been to the ER in over a month for help. *sigh*


Sorry to hear you are going through such a miserable time. I am 3 years out but still can have gas from time to time, too much veg or beans are the biggest culprit. I find over the counter extra strength Gas-X or sipping some plain boiled water (hot) and gently massaging the area around Rosie, and gently sitting and leaning forward at the waist. Not sure what system you use, I use Coloplast. I use the little white tabs to close the vent as the vacuum in my pouch is too strong and prevents good flow and hinders gas from being easily passed. Hope I have helped.

Rosie's mom

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Ugh. Gas is quite often a problem, you are not alone. I know I have my worst problems when I eat onions. I try my best to stay away from them.

A warm bath is a great idea and I also agree with Rosiesmom. A massage all around your stoma area can help as well as bending. Those tabs are a blessing. Hope you get relief real soon.


Hi Freedancer.  I'm not sure I can help but I'll try.  My stoma is about 5-1/2 years old and I've done more experimenting than Tom Edison.  Before I attempt, might I ask what meds you took that required waiting?




Hi Mike, sorry for the late reply. The med protocol I use is 4 tsp liquid children's ibuprofen and 10 milligrams of Compazine. That usually will kick the pain to the curb if I get to it soon enough. If that doesn't work, I can take a 5mg Oxycodone as long as I have the special med they give me for the nausea I can get from it because I am allergic to it. If that doesn't work, I wait the allotted time and then take a second dose. If all of that fails, I go to the ER. So far I have stayed out of the hospital lately which has been a blessing. I have a big list of things I do before I take the last step. I also recently found that Fennel tea also helps greatly.

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Hi Freedancer.  You probably know more about this stuff thaN I do but I thought something might jump out.  I'm not familiar with Compazine but Oxy can be a real problem.  I know it can do wonderful things for us but it can cause constpation that's different and difficult to deal with.  How about asking your Doc.

For all our education, please let us know.  Hopefully, together we'll work this out.



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