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Help! Painful gas and ostomy


I am pretty sure there are many of you who have had problems with gas (or wind, as my Europeian friends call it).  I am having a horrible time with this and need suggestions.  Gasex and peppermint tea are not helping and my normal medication regime that I have set up for this is also not working.  I know that I am not blocked as my stoma is releasing fluid but it seems like the horrible gas that rolls around from one side to the other is not escaping.  I am, at times, literally bent over in severe pain. I ended up having to take one of my heavy hitter pain meds last night to be able to get some rest.  Do any of you have any methods to address this??  I am becoming very frustrated and depressed about all of this.  Can high stress cause this sort of reaction? It seems to have acted up really bad during these holidays. I didn't think I was stressed out but I did have my sister in law here for 5 days and her schedule is completely different from ours.  Please, please, if you have a solution for me, please let me know.  This pain and gas are wearing me out pysically and mentally.  Thank you.

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Some of the excess is due to diet, Google foods you should avoid, take a couple Beano's just before eating. I use a product made by Hollister called M9. About 8 drops in my bag each time I remove gas or feces. Hope this helps....HAPPY NEW YEAR 


This would happen to me when I tried eating certain veggies and fruit on an empty stomach .I had an emergency surgery after my first cause my rectal burst they were trying to save it thats hkw i ended up with the permanent colostomy , the last thing I remember is the Doc telling me to be careful because I have a mess in there its not like when were born and our intestines are in perfect rotation we can get gas blocks when eating to much gassy foods and not moving enough  to burp the most of the gas 


I resolved this issue by walking. 


Hello Freedancer. 

Stress can certainly cause this to happen but it is far from being the only culprit. I found that my own trapped wind was due to the peristsalsis muscles closing over the passageway just at the back of my stoma and not lewting anything out. My solution was to use stoma plugs of one sort or another to release the gasses. Unless you have suffered from the pain induced by wind, it is difficult to imagine just how much severe pain is involved. I empathise with you in your plight and hope that you find a solution to this problem sooner rather than later.  
Best wishes



Peppermint tea may help with the pain.


  i also use Beano liquid the tabets took little longer the liquid tastes like soy sauce so not to bad and about 10 to 30  minutes and relief was on the way thats if you take it after you eat i never put it in my food just used straight out of bottle

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