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Bathing Suit Hack That Works for Me.


Hi all,

So I'm a youngish female, and I wanted to figure out a way to wear a two-piece bathing outfit to the beach and the pool and whatnot, but I wasn't super impressed by tankini options because they tended to show a strip of stomach in exactly the wrong place as well as not come far enough down my leg. I just wanted to share what I eventually hit on doing, because it's worked really well for me and it might not have occurred to everyone. (Or maybe it has. I'm a little out of the ostomy loop since I've been fully in remission.)

Basically, I went to a local sporting goods store and looked at athletic shorts and skorts until I found some that were quick-drying, well-fitting (up to the waist and not super tight in the leg) and that didn't have a super basketball or other specific sporty look. The ones I ended up buying are basically the same material as a swimsuit and, upon testing, function just the same in water. After I found a few pairs, I just went to a store like Target and matched them to bikini tops. It essentially looks like I'm wearing board shorts, but I found many fewer options when I actually shopped for board shorts. I get to show skin (hey, I work out) and not worry about my ostomy being conspicuous or being hazardous to my activities.

Just thought I'd put this out there as an idea to explore for other women who are having a hard time figuring out bathing suits. Or, if you do something completely different, I'd love to hear about that!



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Hello Natalie.

Thanks for your post. It's good to heart that people like yourself find solutions to these sorts of problems and then share with others so that they might benefit. 

Personally, I tend to go to the charity shops to get clothing that is near enough and then alter it to suit my own needs. But then I love to tinker with the sewing machine to see what can be created to fit the 'bill'. 

Best wishes



Sounds interesting! I am a definitely NOT yougish lady, and went with a much looser version of a tankini - almost looks like a bikini top with a flowing skirt attached to the bottom. I had to hunt for a long time to find one that was long enough to cover the ostomy pouch, but since I wear the 7" mini sealed (disposable, not the kind you empty and reseal) pouch, it's easier to cover than some. I considered the OstomySecrets band to keep the pouch contained and hidden, but concluded I didn't really need it as I am not super-athlete swimmer, just play around in the pool! I wear the bikini bottom below the appliance, and the tankini top covers the appliance/pouch, so I feel I'm good to go.


Hi I'm 54, but a great boogie boarder and marathon runner.  Have had my ostomy for 7 years now.  I have always worn board shorts before there were board shorts. I am curious as I have to wear either a rash guard or wetsuit top at the beach. I'm jealous lol that you get to show some skin I love getting a tan but have to wear a shirt to cover my wafer and pouch.  So ss you ask me for advice I turn to you for advice.  

Sincerely,  Tom :)


Hi All,   I never had the figure for a two piece, much less a bikini,  and I've had my ileosstomy since I was 15.   Back then, bathing suit material, was somewhat " thicker" which suited me w ell.    For the last 20+ years it's been a struggle to find a one piece that was supportive on top ( I'm well endowed) as well as around the belly, to support my tummy, and the pouch.   The tummy control suits ( with the extra band of stretch fabric, worked well, but they are less and less popular, giving way to the tankini, which doesn't work for me at all. I use to wear stretch undies, under the bathing suit, but the tummy control model replaced that need.     The last time I was in Fla, I found 2 suits that fit perfectly, and then I ordered 2 more....exactly the same, but now those are getting quite shabby.   I dread looking for Bathing Suits..

Doctors seem to be putting the stoma at waiste or above waiste level these days, which must make it difficult for you guys who would like to go shirtless.   There are " binders" sold, that might work for you.....Just wrap it around the pouch, secure it, and you're ready to go.   That way, you can get sun on your chest and shoulders, while covering up the pouch.     There's snow on the ground, and it's freezing here, and we're talking bathing suits!!!  What fun.  


So is your stoma below, on or above your waste line? 

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