Safe Chinese food options for ileostomy?


Before I got Maxine, I loved Chinese food. Since having her, I have shied away from it as I was told Chinese vegetables can cause a wicked blockage, and I don't want another one of those. However, that being said, what sort of Chinese food can be eaten without the possibility of blocking me up? Do you folks eat it, and if so, what do you eat that is okay for your ileostomy? I just had a revision to remove a stricture, so things are working much better, but I don't want to topple the boat if you know what I mean. I would like to be able to eat a little of the foods that I used to like though, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't like sauerkraut or cabbage stuff, so I am okay in that department.


Freedancer, I love MuShu pork, General Tso's chicken, Beef and Broccoli, and dim sum. The key is to chew, chew, chew, and then to chew some more.




Thank you, Nancy!

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Freedancer, I did forget to mention that MuShu (mooshu) Pork has cabbage but it is well cooked and flavored with hoisin sauce and doesn't taste like braised cabbage or sauerkraut at all. However, sauerkraut and broccoli can be gassy, so you might want to take a Beano before eating those items if you're concerned about gas. Also, sweet and sour chicken and egg foo young are two other favorites, but stay away from vegetable egg foo young if you have issues with semi-raw veggies. I love it but many ostomates stay away from veggies that are not really well cooked. I've found I can eat anything, even nuts and fresh fruit (although I do tend to stay away from grapefruit, pineapples, and oranges which are very fibrous, and fruit skins like apple or nectarines—I just peel those), but different situations prevent some ostomates from eating anything that can't be easily broken down. Again, the real trick is to CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, and to try new things in SMALL amounts.



My biggest concern would be raw or undercooked vegetables...key ingredients for blockage. If cooked well, chewed well and not too many eaten, I'm fine. Raw veggies (e.g. broccoli) not chewed well or cut up into very small pieces, and too much of the same, can make you miserable later. I always have a senna-based laxative around, just in case. I don't have any problems with noodles, chicken, spices or any of the soups, and I've been at this for 32+ years.

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Over the years, I have eaten Chinese food without any problems with one exception: egg rolls. They have caused me cramping to a significant degree. As for the other forms, I am fine. However, as someone else said, you have to chew very thoroughly.



I have had a lot of issues with Chinese food causing blockages. Rice and Chinese stir-fried veggies often cause me a blockage. I avoid Chinese food most of the time.


Egg drop or wonton soup... make sure you ask for no MSG!


Hi everyone
I have a question not food related or could be.
After my ileostomy, my skin has changed its texture to a waxy feeling most of the time.
I never had anything like this before.
Anyone else experience this?


Do you use an adhesive remover when you change your flange?


Yes, I do use the adhesive remover. But the skin changes are face, shoulders, neck, chest. Total change in body chemistry.


I've never had a problem in 42 years. As others have said, chew your food carefully. I've only had problems twice - peanuts, which I gobbled down rather than chewing well, and the same for pineapple. Hope this is useful. Big chunks of fibrous vegetables simply don't digest.


Wow, I hate to be the newbie dummy, but what is blockage? Exactly what it sounds like? I have read all the food nonos, and I've tried all of them, usually no more than a cup, raw veggies and fruit, salads.. I made a salad with everything not to eat? Should I just count my blessings. Does blockage cause pain and stop or limit output? Will it go away on its own or is it a 911 emergency? Thanks from the dummy


Don't ever think your questions are not worthy and never think you are a dummy. I was in the exact same place as you are right now! In July of 2017, my lower bowel died, 30 minutes after I ate supper. The next morning, I was in ICU where I remained for the next two days. I then spent 8 more days in the hospital. I cried for hours after realizing that "Maxine" was now on my side. I thought I would never be able to live with this "bag" hanging on me. I slowly learned how to live with her. If it wasn't for Maxine, I would be 6 feet under. The doctor told me I was within 3 minutes of passing away! But the pain and cramping never went away. Sometimes I was up for days in severe pain. I made many trips to the ER only to be told it was "just healing" and things would get better. I couldn't eat much of anything and my output was not normal. After 7 months of this, on a very painful night, I went back to the ER where I had two CAT scans which showed a problem. The original ileostomy had strictured shortly after the first surgery and my intestines were enlarged and ready to burst. Nothing was getting through the stoma! I was rushed into surgery for the second time and woke up with New Maxine on my side. Again, I had been within minutes of passing away! New Maxine started working immediately. The backup was cleaned out in a few days and I was sent home to heal. Now, I can eat most anything. The key is chewing it completely. That being said, there are foods that are not recommended. This is because they can cause a blockage. Blockages happen when a food clogs the stoma. The hole is not that large and certain foods act like little plugs. This causes your stoma to have difficulty dumping the waste out. If it cannot dump, it backs up into your intestines and they can burst. You will know if this happens. You will have cramping pain, low or no output, and what output you have will most always be watery and loose. Trust me, you will know. There is a list of things you can do to try to unblock. I made an action list for myself. Before I went to the ER, I went down this list. If none of the steps helped to unblock Maxine, my last step was the ER. Blockages can be very serious. If you don't get them cleared, it can cause some real damage. If your intestines burst, you can die. Some of the foods that are dangerous are mushrooms, Chinese vegetables, celery, and some others that are listed. This site has been extremely valuable for needed information. The people on here have been through just about everything, so if you need a question asked, just type your question and watch the answers flow in! I don't know how long you have had your ostomy, but I am thinking not too long. Just remember, everyone here on this site was once a newbie! Do some reading about blockages and blocking foods. There are tons of articles on the internet. As you go along, you will get used to your ostomy and will know what you can and can't eat. I introduce new foods gently. I start out with one at a time and note any reactions I have. Then I put it on the "go" or "no go" list. One of the foods I cannot eat is carrots. They just don't get along with Maxine, so I don't eat them. I wish you great luck! Take care!


Hey, if you chew your food well, you need not worry. I do tend to not eat a lot of fibrous roughage, like pineapple, at one go. If you have a blockage, you'll have no/very limited output, or just a watery dribble. Go to a doctor and they will irrigate you from above, and that will do the trick. Moderation is key and common sense. In 42 years, I've only had a blockage once and I fixed it myself.

Hope this is helpful.

Mike Q


Thanks for the feedback, freelancer. Guess I will count myself fortunate as I currently have had no issues with my raw veggies and fruit, which I limit to one cup. Salads, I use scissors to finely chop and chew the heck out of everything.


Hi, I'm scared to try things I did in the past and had to have 4th pray no more. You have been 32 years with an ostomy. Please help me. My name is Victoria. I have been with a colostomy and so sick, and 4 surgeries later, Jan 31 will be a year for the last one. Pray no more.... I just pray it's all good. I worry a lot, and I'm alone a lot. The jerk I had in my life walked out of my life. Yeah, I know I'm depressed too. I want to email you and text if you would like that. There are good days and bad, and dealing with feeling completely different is hard to understand why and what to do!! Let's chat. Hope you're feeling good!! Victoria


I have eaten some Chinese food, but usually I make my own stir fry. I cut small pieces of vegetables and cook them well with meat or shrimp. If you want to know more about how I make it, please ask.


Hi Ed, how are you? I was just looking through my mail and saw that you were talking about your skin being different after surgery. Waxed feeling? I'm not sure if I understand 100%, but my skin is different too. And I know a lot of things are different going forward. Life will go on no matter what way I feel, right? JK, lol. But you're the first person who said anything about their skin changing. Is this around the stoma or everywhere? This is something that just happened. I had a tool for my feet for the hard skin. I did it easily and now my feet hurt. OMG, hard to walk now... Please, someone, if not Ed, write? Please, I see it's 2018. Lol. I hope everyone is great. Doing nbsp.


Freedancer, I avoid Chinese vegetables too, but I do regularly eat chicken lo mein (ordered "without vegetables"), pork fried dumplings, and egg drop soup without incident. Just chew solids thoroughly!


Hello Azishome, I must say wow 32+ years with your ileostomy and colostomy bag? I also don't do Chinese food had a blockage from it, too... How did you do this 32 years my friend!? I'm not sure what I wanted to say... It's a lot to take care of and that's no joke!! Hope you're doing well. Hope to hear from you! Take care. Sincerely, Victoria

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