Medication Absorption with Ileostomy?

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Hi everyone.

I'm struggling to get my output under control after having an ileostomy at the beginning of July due to Crohn's complications. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this rapid output has an impact on oral medications. I take HRT and antiperspirant meds amongst others. I ask because I'm feeling so utterly unwell in every way. I accept that my often way too loose output is taking its toll, but I've been feeling so very low and having more pain, hot flushes, etc., which makes me wonder if I need to talk to my doctor about a different route of administration for my routine meds. I am currently taking 24 Imodium daily, which my stoma nurse had swapped to the 'oral melts' to ensure absorption. Does anyone have any experience of medication not absorbing? I've not noticed any tablets in my bag, but I know it wouldn't necessarily be that obvious. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Morning glory

Hi TopBird, you might want to talk to your doctors about this. I have an ileostomy and was told not to take enteric coated pills or timed released. I was given a list to give to my doctors. I have had many pills go through whole and some half dissolved. I find that many doctors just don't understand or forget this. You need to eat small amounts several times a day. I have to remind my doctors very often of this. Good luck.

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Hello TopBird,

I don't have an illio but 24 Imodium a day sounds a bit much. I would talk to your doctors for sure.


Hi TopBird

I too have an ileostomy...any medication which is time released will not work with an ileo because in my experience it goes straight through you..and yes Morning Glory you do have to constantly remind your doctor of this..I take a few vitamins and always get the gel caps..they work really well..another way to find out about your meds is googling exactly what the prescription says it tells if they are timed release or fast acting.

Good luck

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I have learned that when it comes to medications, I open the capsules and crush the pills, and mix them into juice. No issues with meds. Last night, I pancaked and had 2 blowouts within 2 hours. I keep my laundry separate from the rest, due to the enzymes. Enzymes are good for the septic

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I have an ileo..30 years now, and yes...avoid time release and coated meds. On occasion, when things are moving quite quickly, I have found virtually whole pills in my pouch. As others have stated, it's best to check with your doctor and don't overdue the Imodium. That can lead to a host of other issues.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, I feel more confident about approaching my GP now to discuss my meds not absorbing.

Just to clarify, my current dose of Imodium is consultant prescribed... It feels wrong to me too taking such a high dose though he constantly assured me that we can go much higher if necessary!!! I dread to think.

Thank you again.

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