Safe Exercises for Colostomy: Seeking Suggestions?

Oct 17, 2018 4:21 am

I do yoga and light weights. Recently, I have been belly dancing and walking.

I would like to add some things that won't cause issues with my colostomy.

Oct 17, 2018 4:38 am


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Oct 17, 2018 12:20 pm

Building a fence is a pretty good exercise. If you don't have a place to go, I can hook you up! Ha ha

Oct 17, 2018 12:21 pm

I decided a couple of years ago that Crohn's and an ileostomy will not break my spirit, my drive, or change who I am and how I think about myself. After about 5 years of surgeries, doctor visits, pain, tears, and self-pity, I slowly pushed myself a little harder every day until I was my old self and outworking guys half (or less) as old as me! So I guess my reply is "Hard Work," and yes Ophelia, I am interested. We should talk.

Oct 17, 2018 1:10 pm

I do all kinds of weights, running on the treadmill. I used to do karate, but I quit a few years ago because it's a little difficult to try and fly around in the air. LOL

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Newbie Dana
Oct 28, 2018 4:06 pm

Bicycling! During the summer, I worked up to 5 miles every day, plus longer rides (10-15 miles) on weekends. Lots of bike trails here in Lexington, and lots of neighborhood streets great for biking. Lots of areas of the city to explore.

In the winter, we set up a spare bike onto a trainer indoors so we can continue to ride in cold weather (but it's a lot more boring than riding in a neighborhood!).

Also modified Seven exercises. (You can find the original Seven app in the app store.) I say modified, because it does a lot of core exercises that are hell on a peristomal hernia. For everything like push-ups that center on the core, I do them against the wall instead - transfers the force to your arms instead of your abdomen. For the step-up-onto chair, I had to start with step-up-onto-stool, but I kept at it until I could do 10 step-up-onto chair in 30 seconds (except this week I'm back to the stool because the neuropathy in my feet is acting up and my balance is unreliable for a chair and it's too dangerous).

Oct 29, 2018 3:32 pm

I do every exercise, don't let your ostomy stop you from living.

Past Member
Sep 02, 2019 9:55 am

I love to do weightlifting. Also, aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, or dancing are activities that work your cardiovascular system — they get your heart rate up and make you breathe harder.