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What  can I do to lessen episodes of gas blowing up my bag. I have completely stopped drinking carbonated beverages.

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there is a product called Beano that is a non prescription pill.  It reduces gas.  You can also get a bag with a filter built in.  They however, wont work if they get wet.


stop eating breads, cereals,  grains and only high protien, low fiber diet. the gas will almost dissapear, you will loose weight and your cholestrol and triglicerides will go down. i still drink diet cokes but get the caffine free ones


I often recommend people visit a naturopath and get evaluated for an appropriate probiotic.  The right probiotic has been the single biggest game changer in my 20 yrs with an ostomy.  Has helped with gas, and more importantly overall digestive function.  Not just any probiotic, they can evaluate your reactivity to certain types and get the best fit for you, rather than just eating yogurt thinking it'll help.  Just my 2 cents

I don't know how recent your surgery was, but I found during both my operations, 20 yrs apart, for the first 3 months or so, I had a lot of ballooning as well, but my system has ' notmalized' and settled down since.  Large in part due to diet as mentioned by simesom earlier, and the probiotics getting that good digestive bacteria back in your gut to help break down foods that would otherwise wreak havoc and land me in the ER with a blockage.  Worth checking out


I feel found BEANO actually work. Limiting yourself on veggies that causes gas.


Also, chewing gum can cause a lot of gas from the air you swallow.


As everyone has said, it  comes down to what you are eating, drinking and the combinations thereaof. It's really basically simple.


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