Activated Charcoal Capsules: A Solution for Smelly Wind?


Has anyone ever taken activated charcoal capsules orally to eliminate very stinky wind? I have always been a bit of a windy person, but since my ostomy, the wind is extremely smelly. Thanks.


Hello Dancingthrough. I haven't taken charcoal orally, but mine is incorporated into the bags. It seems to work alright for me,  but I am aware this is not so for everyone. 

Best wishes


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Hi Dancingthrough, I put eucalyptus oil drops into my bag. I use 4 or 5 drops. You can buy this at Walmart. Works great!!


Thanks for your replies. The charcoal in the pouches does not help me. I have tried eucalyptus and it helps but not to my liking. M9 helps but again not to my liking. I'm starting today to try the capsules orally. Here's hoping it makes my wind smell like roses lol

ron in mich

Hi Dancingthrough, have you tried chlorophyll tablets? They are supposed to help. Good luck.

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Thanks Ron. If charcoal does not work, I'll definitely give chlorophyll a go.


Dancing, keep us posted! Always interested in better odor control! I have tried most everything and nothing really works. When you empty your pouch in the bathroom, with both the toilet room fan and the bathroom fan on, it still stinks up my house and it stays around forever! Wonder why that is? It is so much worse than when it came out naturally. I am going to look into a high-powered exhaust fan for those rooms!



Hi Dancing. I've also heard of folks using peppermint oil, baking soda, and even tic tacs! M9 did nothing for me. I got lucky with the eucalyptus oil. Hope you find a solution!


Hi Dancing,

I have taken them regularly before I started irrigation. I used them to reduce the amount of gas rather than smell reduction, but I guess 'less gas - less smell', they worked well for me. The only advice I was given was to adjust my vitamin/supplement/meds taking time to the opposite end of the day to the charcoal tablets as they absorb more than just gas - they absorb toxins and can potentially absorb medication and vitamins if taken together.

Best of luck


Thanks Pabs. That is encouraging to hear that they work. I am planning to start irrigating soon. I'm going on vacation in a few days for 2 weeks so I will start when I get back. There are so many people I have chatted with on here that irrigate. I hope it goes well for me when I start. Thanks again. Take care



Good luck on your irrigation! You will find it liberating! Please ask any questions you may have no matter how you think they sound! It is all about the poo!


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I use Devrom chewable tablets. It almost completely gets rid of all odor. Go to to order. I chewed 2 after every meal at first; now, I just chew 2 after lunch and dinner. No more embarrassing odor!


Blue gets rid of gas odor or the smell of your output odor? Both? I have found nothing that goes in the bag that works!

Newbie Dana

My husband tried the Devrom for a while. It was moderately successful, but being a chelating agent has some of the same issues as the charcoal tablets - it can bind to much more than just what you intend and can have some long-term consequences nutritionally. Instead, he made some changes to his diet that worked better, mainly avoiding foods with a higher sulfur content.


Seems to me some products work for some while not for all. I have tried Devrom as well and didn't notice a difference.


I sometimes use Na'Scent. It's a liquid that goes into a clean pouch. It's amazing how it gets rid of the odor. I cried the first time I used it and had to empty it. It was amazing. The only trouble for me is that it burns my skin like crazy if it touches it.


Is the Na'Scent for ostomy pouch odor? Are you just sensitive to it? May have to try it. I use Safe and Simple and it helps but it does not eliminate the odor! Nothing seems to! Let me know!


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