Spray Tanning for Graduation Party: Will it work?


My huge graduation party is coming up, and for my family, this is huge.... I feel so pale, so I want to get a spray tan, but I don't know if that is okay. Obviously, I would wear protective appliances and a wafer, but would it work?


I would think it would work fine. Just make sure that none of that stuff gets on your stoma. The pouches are waterproof, so I wouldn't think anything would get in. But...to be on the safe side, I might even put a little padding inside the pouch over the stoma, just to make sure. I'd also ask my doctor...He/she should know if there is any risk.... Have a great graduation party and congratulations!


That is a good question. Wonder if it would interfere with the adhesive when you reapply a pouch. Doubtful that you could get it in the exact space every time. Have not seen the question on here before but I am sure it would be valuable to others to know!


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Judging by your photo, taking it's a recent one, you look just fine! I wouldn't worry too much about fake tans, just be yourself. Putting more focus on it only adds to more insecurities. And also, people will most likely make most of the pictures with silly filters anyway.


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. I don't see why the spray tan wouldn't work for you.

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Having a spray tan should not make an iota of difference to your ostomy. I had a Sub Total colectomy (Ileostomy) 16 months ago! So what?! I'm still alive and kicking!! We are still all human, we're not aliens from another world! The only difference is that we have our arses on our abdomens!


I have an ileostomy and have had spray tans for special occasions. No big deal. I didn't have any issues with adhesives at all.

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