Gas pain relief options and Lactaid pills for yogurt?


I seem to be bloated for some reason, gas pain and I. Take Mutants, Gas-X and I was wondering if anyone took Lactaid pills? I'm thinking about trying them so I can eat yogurt maybe without pain!? I seem to have pain and bloating or it's going ' sorry. Have some questions for you all and I hope someone will read it that knows exactly what I need... to do... Why I have had no matter, don't eat, or banana seems a little different in belly this is and has been a lot, don't you feel the same? I feel like I have so many questions. I hope everyone can help me, what they experienced when they had their surgery, I gained weight, anyone else?' ‍ I eat yogurts, sandwich, pancakes, sweet potatoes, potatoes actually what is that normal for everyone here?<


ron in mich

Hi Victoria, yes I take lactose pills if I eat any dairy. I also take a Beano for gas. I eat all those foods you mentioned, but I can only eat half of a banana at a time as they make me feel bloated.

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2019 Puppyluv56 I love bananas and gave them up until recently. They do produce way too much gas. I have not taken any kind of medication for the gas but wanted to pick up some Gas-X and just forget to. I have used it in the past, years ago and before an ostomy, and it always worked well. As for milk, I drink Lactaid. The 2% actually tastes like whole milk and it stays fresh for much longer than regular milk! If you find something that works really well, please let us know!! Always open to try new stuff! Puppyluv


Damn, I never thought of gas pills. Lol, I just been gritting my teeth and getting through it after a couple of days. I don't talk much, lol, or listen well. I never thought of dairy products giving me grief because, thinking about it, it's usually after a milkshake. I just blamed it on their food. :)


Hello, you don't think dairy can bother you? I'm having cramps, pain, feeling uncomfortable, and I'm going crazy, Victoria.

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It could very well be dairy that gets me. I just never thought of it. Nobody told me I couldn't eat any different, so I didn't and haven't changed my diet. I'll try to stay away from milkshakes for awhile and see if the bloating isn't so bad. I know I'm the worst one to try and change. I just fly by the seat of my pants 99% of the time and act like I'm still 20.


I have problems with dairy. I just bought the Lactaid chewable fast-acting to be able to eat dairy, and it's not supposed to make you so bloated. I have tried them... I'm always bloated. I'm thinking others do too, but they're not saying. - Victoria


I've learned more in the last year about the do's and don'ts than I have in the 6 years before that.


Bear hunter,

You can learn so much here! If it can happen, it has happened to an Ostomate. Our Ostomy care physicians and nurses have never had an Ostomy. (Or rarely anyway) so I choose to listen to my friends on here! No subject is taboo and there are many options to try! I have found what works well for me from the great advice on here!



Interesting comments. I no longer have a large intestine. Permanent ilio...gas in the bag is always an issue. I'm just happy I can eat anything. When you say bloated, you're talking about your stomach? Right? And gas as gas in bag? Not through the other end, right? People have different tolerances to food. I love milk. Tried them all and came back to whole milk. Re: Bananas? Never thought they gave issues. I eat one day. Eventually you will know what works and doesn't. I don't vary much from diet. Kinda boring diet but knowing I CAN eat anything is a relief. Sorry can't help more on bloating issue.


Dear Ostomy friends, Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year! How's everyone?! Hope you're all doing awesome and feeling great!! Happy Holidays as the new year approaches us. In 2020, I'm hoping for the best year ever. Also, all my friends, may you be healthy and happy. Sincerely, Victoria.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Victoria! 

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