First colonoscopy coming up - worried about blood in stool. Advice appreciated!


I'm having my first colonoscopy on Monday, June 10. I'm 49 and soon to be 50 in October. About a month ago, I was having reddish mucus coming from my rectum. It was confirmed blood from the doctor. I don't have any pain from there. The only pain I ever have from my bottom is from my tailbone because of an old sleigh riding injury. Lol. I always have mucus from there. I've had my colostomy all my life due to Hirschprung's disease. I'm worried that it could be the "C" word. I start my clean out on Sunday. How was the clean out process? I'm taking a Dulcolax and Miralax concoction. Has anyone else had this problem? I appreciate any prayers and good vibes for my upcoming appointment. Thanks '


Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


Daisy Mae,

Prayers your way! I know it is hard not to worry but chances are, it is not "C". Keep us posted!

Good luck and keep us posted! Others with the same issues will be interested in your outcome!


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Hey DaisyMae, the prayers are on the way.  There's no good reason to think the "C" word will be part of your diagnosis.  I know that's easier said then actually eliminating it from our thoughts.  The truth is there are so many of us ostomates who show blood and mucus from our butts and we'll never, ever have the big C.  We sometimes refer to folks as "Smartasses".  I'm not sure if our rectums are aware they have nothing to do anymore.  Does that make them "Dumbasses?  Forget the ass part and be a smart lady by being optimistic with good reason and leave the worrying to stuff we have more control over and fix it.  No more worries.

Looking forward to the good news.




I finally received my pathology from the colonoscopy. I have diversion colitis. It's from not using it anymore. The procedure was a breeze and the "clean out" wasn't bad either. Thanks for the prayers.

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Great news! Glad all went well!



Thanks for the update.

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