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Toilet Paper Crisis

Posted by Lt. Dan

Well I thought I'd never say this but I'm so glad I have an Ostomy in a toilet paper Ccrisis. Lol. All We need is some warm water and an old face cloth and we are good to Go!!!

By the way. I have an ileostomy not a colostomy.


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honestabe : What a joke Mar 11, 2020
britathrt60 : Lt.Dan Good for must have a Colostomy..I have an Ileostomy which is an open faucet..I use 1/2 to 3/4 roll per day and live alone...just sayin! Ange Mar 11, 2020
Bill : Hello Lt.Dan. Thank you for sharing your take on the toilet paper'crisis'. MY own perspective is somewhat coloured by my early years when we used to recycle newspapers for the purpose of wiping our backsides. Our family never started using toilet rolls until I was well into my teens and able to earn enough to afford this sort of 'luxury'. Thus, when people describe the shortage of toilet rolls as a 'crisis', it makes me think that they perhaps have not experienced poverty. I grew up being told that there were only three things we actually 'needed' in life,(and for life). These were food - warmth - and love. without these things we were more likely to die. Therefore, if they were missing, we were nearer to a 'crisis' than at any other time. Just a thought! Best wishes Bill Mar 12, 2020
britathrt60 : Hi Bill Yes I too remember the newspaper days ...problem is its hard to get one anymore everything being online..LOL.???? Mar 12, 2020
mild_mannered_super_hero : Ha ha, we used the sears and robuck catalog after an initial prep with a red corn cob followed by a white corn cob to check our progress. There was no flush.... but you may not even wanna know about that !!! Mar 12, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Wow, I was poor growing up but never used newspaper. I do remember going to my stepmother’s parents house In the mountains of Kentucky and they had an outhouse. We were there for a week and I pee’d outside and held the poo for the whole week. Pretty miserable week! Was just 9 at the time! MMSH, no corncobs in sight! Hahaha Mar 12, 2020
panther : Hahaha I was winding my much elder sister up lol saying if she wasn't one of those common people with a colon toilet paper shortage wouldn't be a problem lol having an ileostomy a small bottle of water will do the job instead...never been a bag rinser before but if needs must lol Mar 12, 2020
lovely : I remember the outhouse and using using what ever paper was available newspaper, brown paper bags. I remember crunching up and rubbing the bag together to make it softer. LOL I don't see what the virus has to do with toilet paper. Mar 12, 2020
newyorktorque : Yes a lot of folks dont know you can make your own toilet paper by constantly crunching any paper. Time consuming but it works. Mar 12, 2020

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