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My goal have not been met yet!!

Posted by Angelicamarie

I wanted to volunteer for St Jude, but St Jude is in Memphis. But the hospital I thought was St Jude was Cinti Children Hospital, however I did contact them but it wasn't long after my brothers death, in which I was told to wait a while. I actually wanted to work with children with ostomys

but it doesn't work that way they place you where they need you. As I type I'm looking at the application. I'll attempt to volunteer again , just didn't want to be placed anywhere!!! Will keep you updated have a great holiday weekend, always be careful!! Angel


dls : you go girl and keep us posted, UR always a wonderful read, not to mention inspiration. dls
Angelicamarie : dis... I did make contact and was told I needed to waiit. My brother had passed a few month before I called. . Needless to say, I didn’t pursue that after the conversation. I now send cards monthly to the sick and the shut-in. You see I know how it feels to be sick and alone. I just want them to know someone cares! I do!
Angelicamarie : dls.. please accept my apology, I misspelled your name.

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