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I have EDS resulting in numerous other conditions. Including Gastroparesis, which means I am fed via an NJ tube. I also have a slow transit bowel, so in October 2021 had to have an Ileostomy. Mentally I am struggling. Due to the fact I can not eat, I have extremely high output. I take 24 Loperamide a day to try and help with this, but going out before 1pm is normally a no go as I need to empty my bag every 15-20 mins!! Anyway, I'm rambling. Feeling kinda lost, and any advice/support is greatly appreciated xx
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I have an ostomy. I am interested in meeting new friends, possibly...
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I had my ileostomy in 2016 after being diagnosed with toxic mega c...
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Mine is located very high and central, just under my sternum.
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