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Reversal vs Rectal Stump Removal

Posted by CrystalHeart75, on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:54 pm

kissHi.  Im new to this site...Im Wendy.  I had my colostomy in June of 2016, due to Crohns disease and several other issues.  I wanted to see what some of you think who either had the reversal done or the stump removal, and whether youre happy with your decision.  ITs coming up on a year for me, and if I find out I am eligible to have it reversed Im not sure if I want to.  Its kind of nice not running to the bathroom 30-40 times a  SO what are your opinions ?  Thanks  Wendy

Reply by Bill, on Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:09 am

Hello Crystalheart75.

Welcome to the site and I hope you have many productive hours communicating with your fellow ostmates.  

My opinion was/is the same as yours " Its kind of nice not running to the bathroom 30-40 times a day" In  case it was a matter of being fecally incontinent so I had almost no chance of controlling it like I do now. I could not see the point of a reversal becasue it would not have resolved the problem I had which needed the stoma in the first place.

Best wishes


Reply by Mrs.A, on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:48 pm

Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to say Welcome to MAO. Hope you stay and visit with us for awhile smile.

Reply by NJ Bain, on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:56 pm



  Hi and welcome to the site.  I concur with Bill.  Even if I were a canidate for a reversal, I'd probably stick with my ileostomy.  I don't miss the urgency to find a bathroom at all and it would probably be worse for me as I don't have a large intestine anymore.  I was warned about how acidic my output is now and it would probably be havoc on my rectum.

  I'm very happy with my decision to have an ostomy and wouldn't change it for anything.  Hope this helps.



Reply by CrystalHeart75, on Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:47 pm

Im really thinking after a lot of thought Im not going to reverse.  I have to ask him though how long I can wait to have the rectal stump removed, just was in the hospital with a hemoglobin of 5 and need time for my body to heal and get my counts back up.  If I can wait at least till the end of the year thats great.  I see a lot of people dont even do it at all or its years before they do.  Its nice to be able to research things on the onternet but then again sometimes you read too much lol.

Reply by Immarsh, on Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:01 am

Hi Wendy,

Welcome to this site.   You came to the right place to ask questions.   Many ostomates had their surgery due to Crohn's, UC, or Cancer...  Whether or not to reverse, has more to do with the presence, or the possibility of disease returning.   Many people with cancer, just have a temporary colostomy, and if there's no disease or damage to the rectum, can in time, have a successful reversal.   That's not necessarily true of people with UC or Crohns. 

I had Ulcerative Colitis for nearly 4 years ( 50 years ago)  and they did not remove the rectal stump/ sigmoid colon  along witht he large intestine .  I was only 15 back then, and my doctors thought that "some day" there would be a cure.  But after 4 years of trying to treat the never really healed.   I was 19, was going to college, was planning on getting married, and was quite happy with living with my ileostomy.  But I had to argue with my parents and doctors to take out the diseased rectum.   I never regretted the choice.  

Crohn's is different.   UC does not travel to the small intesting or stomach, but "Crohn's can jump from place to place, and occurs from the gullet to the anus.  So even if you're symptom free one year, doesn't mean that the disease is gone.   It's an auto immune condition ( as is UC) and can go into remission, and then re occur.   My ex husband had crohn's, and although he never had the rectum removed, it was often diseased.  We have two grown sons, and both have  IBD  One with crohn's and the other with Ulcerative colitis.  My younger son, ( UC) manages his disease with diet ( Vegan) and is now off medication after 20+ years.   My older son, has crohn's and manages his condition with immuno suppressants......   He has periods of remission, and ocassional flare ups.  

It's a big decision for you to make, but there's really no rush.   I waited 4 years, before having the final surgery.     Please write if you'd like any more information.  


My daughter in law developed MS and while she was in recovery, she researched ( she's a psychologist phD)  auto immune conditions, and decided that she and her husband ( my son) and their two little boys....were going to become vegans..    her research found that many auto immune conditions are triggered by foods, unique to the individual, and to the disease itself.   For IBD it's dairy no milk/ dairy in their house.  She takes it very seriously.  Just to let you 4 years of diet, and no medications she "healed" the two brain lesions she had, and Jay's Crohn's went into remission.   They're committed to the changes for themselves and for their two little boys, who inherited some awful genes!  So far...they're healthy.  

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