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Hernia: how do know? how to prepare? prevent?


I saw,some reading how Ostomy folks are more likely to get a hernia, than most non osties. do you know this? Pain? Bulging at the site? I do have something resembling a boob, growing at the site. The right side is much larger than left. Its not tender nor giving me pain but damn is gunna happen? As a mechanic, I dont even think about hurting myself but am getting older,and perhaps reckless thinking it,ain't Gunn happen to me.of those here experienced with a stoma and a hernia, do tell, how'd you know? What did you do to cause it? How'd you fix it? Thanks.

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Hi Warrior.  According to my surgeon, the longer we have an ostomy the more likely it is we'll get a hernia.  We mechanics get used to lifting, stretching, bending and whatever is needed to get the jobs done.  The advice from several experts is to avoid anything that causes us to GRUNT.  Some of us spent most of our working lives grunting and never gave it a thought.  Hernias suck.  Let's avoid them.



hi Mike . Thanks. Just thinking I may have one,already and dont know it.


Well hey there fellow warrior.  Regarding hernias...

Technically, an ostomy IS a hernia if you think about it:  It's hole in your gut through which part of your inards are poking through.  The question is will it get worse and if so how bad will it get and why?  Right?  So some folks are lucky enough to have it pretty much stay as it is.  But many get one started in a couple of different ways.  Mine sounds like yours: A bulge around the stoma that appears to be getting worse.  It edid not help that I was given my stoma when I was 35 pds lighter than I am now.  Weight gain makes it worse.  Plus, as has been mentioned in other comments, straining makes it worse too:  We're not suppoed to be picking anything up more than about 25 pounds.  But if you have to be sure to do what you mother would tell you anyway which is LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS.  Also, if you feel any pressure on your gut from lifting or anything else that's going to make it worse too.  I've invested in an ostomy hernia belt (you can get them online from Ostomy Secrets and others) which helps but sometimes I use a second one to keep the stoma itself from squeezing out of the hole when I'm physically active. I also lay on the bed for 5 or 10 minutes and massage my gut to gently push the bulge back in before I put on the belt(s).  ANYWAY, regarding the second belt, I can USUALLY tell when the stoma is active and then remove it to it doesn't obstruct the output. You can have it surgically reinforced but they don't let you use the plastic mesh any longer so they put in what they call "biologics" which desolve and sometimes work and sometimes don't and dissolve after about 5 years anyway.  There are alternative surgical technicques like one call the "Sugarbaker" too.  The best cure is having your ostomy reversed if possible, or maybe a J pouch -- although as far as digestion is concerned I've never had it so good and don't want to if I don't have to. Hope that helps; soldier on.


I wear a custom-made hernia belt for about 24 hours after changing my appliance.  It fits in a way that enhances the seal and diminishes the possibility of leaks.  I got mine from NU HOPE LABS, 800-899-5017.  

I don't have a hernia, yet.



Thanks Blazest.

Never thought of this that way. a hole actually being a hernia. but you're right 100 %.  I have to keep eye on it.  I am not a canidate for either j pouch or reversal. that would only bring more issues.

I am just concerned if the pain is like bent over fall down kinda  thing that happens after say, lifting something.  I used a wide ostomy belt. I have seen hernia belts. Wonder if those are covered under insurance.

hm.. the buldge is getting bigger it seems. I am losing weight. so it does look bigger.  time will tell.  thanks again. carry on.


thanks Mike. Everything we do at this age makes us grunt, no? I have belts out there.  gunna see if they are covered by insurance.  hope that hepls. Sweat my asss off as it is with ostomy belt. Course, it doesn't help the garage is like an oven. 


Are hernia repair surgeries even safe for ileostomates, many of whom have autoimmune disease, with the use of polypropolean mesh &  rejection?  How can open abdominal surgery be performed on a person with a permanent aplliance & serious infection be avoided?  How can one find a surgeon knowledgable in these areas?



I have no idea if they are safe. Some folks here have had them. Jury is still out if successful.

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