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Break my will

Posted by Shadowchick27, on Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:24 pm

Break my will

This day couldn’t get any
Until I look down and I feel cursed
There’s a bag, there’s a hole
There’s the pain of it all
And my happiness drains away
When you’ve seen me I’ve been suffering
But bad health can’t break my will
Even though I’m scared and weak
I know that I am stronger than I feel

This is a blessing, a miracle
They say that I’m dying
From what they do not know
But one day, I found fate
But that means I have to have a bag
I’d rather live with the pain
Show my scars
know that I’m lucky
Instead of gone,
why look at my tombstone?
When Iyou can see my face?

When you saw me I was suffering
I was weak, but now I’m strong
Bad health is in the past
I want to….
Live without pain
Show my fight
Know that I made thee right choice
Tombstones are dark and gray
But a smile can last forever
What more can I say?

Reply by Bill, on Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:49 am

Hello Shadowchick.

Thank you for yet another great verse, expressed in my own preferred format. These sort of sentiments and concepts somehow seem that much more emotionally and socially pertinent when expressed poetically.

I often feel that writing in this way is like an art form which creates something positive out of a negative. It seems more acceptable to live with the creation than it does to live with the crap without doing something positive about it. 

I wish you well in your poetic endeavours.


Reply by w30bob, on Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:57 am

Bill, I'd say you've been put on notice.  You have competition.  Reminds me of Duelling Banjos.............



Reply by Bill, on Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:08 pm
w30bob wrote:

Bill, I'd say you've been put on notice.  You have competition.  Reminds me of Duelling Banjos.............



Hello Bob. That's an interesting way of looking at two people expressing their thoughts a subject. However, the term 'competition' involves the concepts of 'rivalry' and 'opposition'. I have never viewed people's literary work along these lines as there is surely room for everyone's ideas and efforts to express themselves in this way. For my own part, I have always been open about following in the literary/ rhyming  footsteps of Rupert Bear but it does not follow that I am in any way a 'competitor'. A 'competitor' also implies that the participants wish to somehow 'win'.

My viewpoint on this, is that in order to have a 'winner', there must also be a 'loser'. (which in my book amounts to a 'judgement' by others as to whether one effort is 'better' than another)  By encouraging people to express themsleves in whatever way they think fit, it surely benefits everyone and nobody really loses or wins. In my verse 'I am a Nobody', See my profile)  I have already indicated that I do not wish to put myself in any position which implies being above anyone else. However, to emphasise this point in relation to winning and losing, I did write a poem entitled 'TO LOSE AND YET TO WIN' ( IN A RHYMING COOKBOOK' 2013) in which I extol the virtues of playing to 'lose' rather than to win.

I will try to reproduce that verse here to give a flavour of this concept and this way of life.

Best wishes



Winners always think they’ve won 
when once the game they play is done. 
For them the secret of success 
must be to win and to impress.  

It is their focus and their aim 
to be the winner in their game. 
These people are not altruists 
for them, no other game exists.  

I understand this sentiment 
but find it an impediment. 
For winning means that someone’s lost 
and therein lays the hidden cost.  

For me there is a subtle charm 
to live my life and do no harm. 
So why would I put someone down 
or be the cause of someone’s frown.  

There is a certain satisfaction 
that can flow from selfless action. 
So I have made a specialty 
of losing games with subtlety.  

When people start to play a game 
they think opponents play the same. 
They will assume ‘all’ want to win 
within their game or discipline.  

But I don’t want to win at all 
for that might make another small. 
So if I am obliged to play 
I contribute a different way.  

I make out that I play real hard. 
but it’s really a charade. 
My aims within the games I choose 
is eventually to lose.  

B. Withers 2012

Reply by iMacG5, on Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:53 pm

Hi Shadowchick.  You are one strong lady and I thank you for this post.

And Bill, anyone reading your stuff is a winner.

With sincere appreciation to both of you and Bob, of course,


Reply by xnine, on Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:07 am

Shadowchick27 It is called Stoma Power

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