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Dogs and Ostomy Bags


Hi Guys,

  In my other post about the funniest thing that's ever happened to you ostomy-wise "ron in mich" reminded me of the dog reaction thing.  So I'm it just me or do all dogs want to sniff your bag when they meet you?  I love animals, but always have to be a little guarded now when I run into a new pooch.  For some reason (and the reason is they like to eat shit) they always focus on my ostomy bag while giving me the general greeting sniff they give everyone.  Once they get the scent they want to check out my bag further, which their owners may or may not know I have, depending on who it is. 

  So I just want to check with you guys and confirm that dogs do the same thing to you.........or maybe just my crap really does smell like bacon and peanut butter. 



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Some dogs do, some dogs don't. At work there's a big rottweiler and even though he likes to set his teeth in everything he has yet to come near my bag. Maybe depending on how long you have your bag on? The more days you go with a bag the more it smells obviously. Since I put on a new bag before work there's little to smell...


Pets do not approach my bag because I have liquid output and I do not eat meat.


No never had that happen in over 30 years from any dog or cat, my dogs nails went through my bag a few times when playing with him other that no problems 


I think dog  etiquette is to sniff them back. 🤣🤣🤣


Dogs generally don't have a problem with drinking from a toilet so I wouldn't be so sure about that.


I have two poodles, a standard and a toy and they both like to sniff my ostomy bag.  The funniest thing that happens is when the tiny toy is sitting on my knee, nestled up close when my stoma emits a noise or starts working.   Immediately she sits up, stares at the place where the noise came from and makes a quick exit.   I haven't noticed other dogs taking an unnusual interest, probably because they are more interests in the treats I usually carry around in my hand bag.  


Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, so it makes sense for them to sniff out a stoma bag, even if we cannot smell it ourselves. However, as Panther has alluded to, the danger comes from pawing, which can tear the bag or dislodge it. When I used to work with dogs, I would wear a stomaguard because pawing was just an affection too far.

Best wishes


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That’s wonderful- not for the holes, but that dog’s still come to you. When I had my Ileostomy, my little dog wouldn’t sit on my lap anymore. She sleeps with me, and will come over to me for some loving, but that’s it. Are all dogs the same!

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