Opinions on Marlen Manufacturing ostomy products?

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Hi gang,

Found these guys online while looking for other ostomy products. Their barriers sound interesting and I plan to call and get some samples shipped tomorrow, but never heard of these guys. Can anyone who's using/used their stuff comment?




Hello Bob. Thanks for the link. I have not used these devices but they look very interesting. They have a deep flange which may have helped Bellily with her problems. 

Just a thought!

Best wishes


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Marlen is one of the secondary US manufacturers, in Ohio, I think. They have a super slide plastic and seem sorta low tech, like Nu Hope, but definitely have the market on varying deep convexity in a strong flower-like pattern. I have some single-use ones and got decent wear time out of them. Good luck. I still think Salts in the UK are the best... but good luck finding those. Be well. Ninja


Hi ninja,

I thought I read somewhere that they were claiming to be the largest ostomy supply company, but here's what they say on their site.

Founded in 1952, MARLEN remains the oldest of the original ostomy companies operating in the United States. Today, MARLEN offers the most comprehensive and innovative line of products available.

As a pioneer in the ostomy field, MARLEN was the first to:

• Create a post-operative pouch
• Develop a lightweight, odor-proof plastic pouch
• Introduce convexity to flat surfaced products
• Develop double-sided adhesive tape discs
• Produce rings made from Karaya

In addition to the many traditional, reusable products developed over the years, MARLEN was the first in 1986 to introduce the ULTRA™ one-piece, disposable convex pouches for Ileostomy, Colostomy, and Urostomy drainages. Available with flat, shallow, and deep convex surfaces, the ULTRA was the first truly flexible convex product on the market.

Later, the ULTRA line was refined with new shapes and more barrier choices and was introduced as the UltraLite line of Colo, Ileo, and Uro pouches.

MARLEN has continued to innovate by introducing the one-piece, disposable UltraMax™ product to the market. This odor-proof, leak-proof line has four flange options that include cut-to-fit or pre-cut in flat, shallow, or deep convexity. This line also introduced the Kwick-View™ feature which provides an easy method for seeing inside the pouch even when the back of the pouch is covered with opaque material. The recently introduced UltraMax™ MiniMax™ has all of the features of the UltraMax™ Ileo Pouch but is 30% smaller. SuperFlat™, a family of one-piece pouches that includes Colo, Ileo, Uro, and a MiniMax™ version. SuperFlat™ is our flattest pouch ever. Our newest innovation is our line of UltraMax™ DEEP pouches featuring a deep convex flange with a petal design.

For two-piece products, the latest MARLEN innovation is the UltraMax™ GEMINI™ family of products with the fool-proof E-Z Guide™ Locating System, four flange choices, and MARLEN'S exclusive AquaTack™ Hydrocolloid Barrier.

Other MARLEN innovations include the Kwick-Klose™ fastener available on UltraMax, MiniMax, and UltraMax Gemini Ileo pouches, MaxSeal™ Barrier and Skin Shield™ Adhesive Skin Barrier, and many more.




I use Marlen product, it is the only one that works for me. I have skin that doesn't like tape and gets irritated with wearing anything tight. I sweat easily. Marlen Convex has saved me. Initially, I change urostomy one-piece bag daily. I can go 3-4 days now.

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

Marlen is based in Ohio and they have been around forever. I quit using them over 20 years ago when they had reusable appliances and switched to Convatec. I haven't gone back, but they are worth a try. I know they have come into the modern age in recent years. Their products worked well for over 20 years when I moved on. Good luck. Give us an update if you do try them.


I requested samples from them, asking specifically for the bulbous, all-the-way-round super-duper convex get up. They didn't send what I thought they would, convexity is nothing dramatic, although it's called "ultra-max" convexity.

I haven't tried them yet, materials seem flimsy, and not enough close-to-stoma depth to make me give it a whirl. The materials remind me of Nu-Hope, like someone else said up above.

At least they didn't have filters. That's a good thing. For colos more than ileos I am guessing, colos need some air for things to drop.

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