Advice needed: Removal of rectal stump - concerns about nerve damage?

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This forum discussion is about individuals sharing their experiences and advice regarding rectal removal surgery and the potential risks to sexual function.

Hi, I need advice please.
I have had chronic constipation since I was around 15. I'm now 32. I was diagnosed with a slow transit and have had my large intestine removed. I currently have an end stoma in place with my rectal stump still in place. However, for the last 2 years, I have been having bad pains, spasms, pressure, and mucus daily, causing a lot of discomfort as my rectum is not able to pass it properly. I have an operation next month to remove my rectum, which I am really scared about as I'm a male and my surgeon tells me that there is a 5% chance of nerve damage to my sexual organ. I could be left not being able to have erections or not producing sperm. Please, anyone who has had this surgery or any knowledge of it, get back to me on your thoughts and reviews. Thanks.

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I survived. Mine was done all at once.

How to Use Adapt Ostomy Belts | Hollister

Mmm.......more like 95!

Good luck, you will need it.



Thank you and I'm glad you're doing well.


Really? I'm assuming this happened to you?


Mine was done second stage of a three-stage process to construct a J-pouch which failed and is now redundant.

I still have a minimal stump connected to the pouch but all original equipment north of the stump is gone. I was told there was a slight chance of the complications you speak of, just as the complications of anesthetic are discussed beforehand.

I have no difficulties whatsoever.


You assume correctly, my English friend.

Unlike you, I was not told of possible "complications".

Once again, good luck to you.



Hi all, I would recommend you find a surgeon that has done this type of surgery a lot before if that's possible, as you may be in an area with only one surgeon available. I was in my mid-thirties when I had surgery and now in my 60s, and no problems other than what comes with age. Good luck.



Having been a case manager in an oncology practice, my advice to my patients of your age, who were going to have treatment or surgery that may affect their reproductive organs, was that they go to a sperm bank for collection and storage in the event they do have an issue and want children in the future.
Good luck with your surgery.


Hi Ron nbsp

Thank you, that is very encouraging and I'm glad you had no issues. I am with a great surgeon in a world-renowned specialist hospital called St. Mark's Hospital. nbsp


Hi Axl

Thanks for that and I'm also happy you are doing fine with it.



Yes, thanks. I have been looking to do that as well.


Hi, I had my 'Action Man arse' (Barbie butt's are for women, you see) 3 weeks ago. I had the rectal stump removed as, like you, I had nothing but problems with the stump after my ileostomy in 2017.

Good news is, I can confirm all gentleman's equipment is functioning and firing as it should! I'm 35 with 3 kids, so I've done my procreation bit but obviously still like to partake for fun!

My surgeon discussed the risks and potential solutions before the op. As otherwise healthy youngish men, it can be as easy as a Viagra to solve if needed.

All the best.


Hi, that is very good news, seeing as you're around my age group too. Did your surgeon before tell you that it was a big risk or a very small risk? Also, was it your surgeon's idea to remove the rectum or yours? Was your surgeon hopeful in a good outcome after surgery?



Hello, yeah it was discussed, I think in the under 40's age group it's like a 20% chance of issues with the old chap, but pretty much all of those issues can be solved.  

And it was a "We've reached the end of the road medicinally" decision, steroids caused arthritis, biologicals just didn't work for me, so for quality of life, myself, my surgeon, and my gastro consultant all agreed this was the way.

And so far so good!  


Sorry you're going through West London. I had my rectum completely removed along with my large intestine in October 1992 because the ulcerative colitis was so severe there was no other alternative. The nerve endings have been removed from around my stoma as well. But I haven't had any sexual problems, inability to get erections, etc. The surgeon never told me there was a possibility of that. But I think you have a very high percentage of being able to pull through this operation without any problems to your sex life. I haven't had any problems except for finding a non-ostomate female who wasn't put off by it. Women in the various medical professions are not put off by it because they're very familiar with ostomates. It's no big thing for them.

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