Uncontrolled Rectal Discharge: Seeking Advice and Similar Experiences


I've had my ostomy with a 2x failed ileoanal pouch since 2007. The pouch never worked and left me in diapers for a summer in Phoenix... which just doesn't work. For whatever reason, they left the pouch in but discovered it. Throughout the years, I've had multiple surgeries with multiple complications. Most of the surgeries were due to poorly placed stoma, to an inny that leaked and leaked. But finally, when things seem to be going along okay, I began to experience an uncontrolled slow drip of green slime from my rectum. The slime was usually about the size of a quarter one or two times a day. In the past year or so, the volume, color, and viscosity of the discharge have increased to the point that 6-10 times per day between 0.5-2oz involuntarily seep out. The color is now 25% clear, almost always accompanied with brown and red discharge as well. The discharge can't be feces because the plumbing isn't set up that way. Over the past 6 months or so, I've devised a workaround by folding a paper towel and placing it between my butt cheeks. However, lately, the volume has increased to a point that the paper towel becomes completely saturated, goes into my underwear, and is now staining my outside pants. The dogs ate some of the paper towels that were in the trash can the other day and upon inspection, there was the slightest smell of almost a sweet flower, like a petunia. I wish I could say my crap smelled like petunias, lol, but the colored, pleasant-smelling discharge just doesn't seem or feel right.

FYI, I've got a pouchoscopy scheduled for next Tues. I'll let you know, but has anyone experienced such a phenomenon?

Hi Inaz,

Wow.....sounds like you're having fun, eh? The green discharge is strange. The only thing I've heard of that produces a green discharge is Anal Gland Disease, which involves the 2 anal sacks. The discharge from these sacks also has a very unique odor.....but I've never heard it described as smelling like flowers. Of course, there are other things that can also cause what you're seeing......like cancer or a fistula.........so you need to get this figured out. I doubt the pouchoscopy will shed any light on your problem......but I'm no expert. If it were me, I'd collect a sample of the discharge and have my Doc send it to a lab for positive identification. That's just my 2 cents.



Hi @nAZnLookin, this has been discussed several times on here. I think there are a lot of us who have this discharge, but I think this is the first time I have heard that it smelled like flowers. I don't know anything about a pouchoscopy, I do know if you still have a rectum it still produces mucus. I had not thought about the rectum producing mucus to help you have a bowel movement before I had my ostomy and came on this site. Some people have said they use sanitary pads in their underwear, both men and women. Hope this helps. Stay safe.

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Hi Lovely,

I think the amount of discharge that inAZ is experiencing is way beyond the normal mucus discharge that's been talked about. The anal sacs don't produce mucus, but if infected will produce a lot of output ranging in color from clear to yellow to green.....and even brown and red. I don't think we really know what the function of the anal sacs is in humans, but in other mammals they secrete a small amount each time one takes a poop. It's used to "mark their territory" from others of the same species.



Yes Bob, you are correct! The volume of this discharge is far greater than a pad can handle. And you are also correct about a pouchoscopy... It's checking out the wrong end of things. They just changed dates so now we're pushed back to the 15th, let's see how things turn out!

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Hi InAZ,

Here's a link with some info I found on rectal discharge. It's not considering that you're an ostomate, but still worth reading. Hopefully your situation is something minor and they can fix you right up. Please let us know how it goes on the 15th. We're all pulling for you, bro!




Hi InAZnLookin, sorry I misunderstood what you were talking about. Hope everything goes well for you. Stay safe.

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