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Every fourth morning, I spread what I need upon the bathroom sink to change my appliance. It is routine, calcified over time into ritual. Each time I follow exact procedure, identical movements. It’s as if muscle memory takes over; conscious thought becomes secondary; I am an automaton. There was a time in my life when this sort of habitual activity was the exception, my work days busy with the variety that I was fortunate enough to have to confront day after day. Retirement has changed all that. I now face what Sylvia Plath called “large unfenced acres of time,” which is as good a definition of retirement as any. The challenge is to make it meaningful and productive, to not fall victim to the lure of laziness or the temptations of sloth. Routines will be unavoidable and, often, advisable. But I refuse to allow them to dominate. Living through the current limitations compelled by the coronavirus adds to the difficulty when seeking to inject some variety into one’s life. We all have our ways to do that, our unique interests and abilities that permit time spent in dodging the anchor that is routine. I guess writing these little squibs is one of mine.


Mine too Henry! Although the physical and mental act of writing can become a routine in itself, the subject matter is is broad as our imaginations permit. I am very fortunate in that my 'pet' subject is bullying and there appears to be no end to the examples and concepts available to me in this world of human beings. I mostly get my ideas directly from the victims of bullying, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that some bullies are becoming more vocal and dangerous in modern western societies than they may have been before.  It used to be that I had to search dictatorial states for my subject matter, but nowadays bullying seems to have come much closer to home. 

Best wishes.


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Yes, beginning with Trump, America's Bully-in-Chief.  He has given new, and malevolent, meaning to the term bully pulpit.


Hi Bill, It's no surprise that examples of bullying are easier to find these days when the leader of the most powerful country in the developed world gives his tacit (and sometimes spoken) approval to bullying and leads by example.



Hello Henry & delgrl.

Most of my rhymes on this subject have been about bullying at the 'domestic' level, which very often becomes 'normalised' in the routine interaction between the perpetrators and their victims. However, recently, I have put pen to paper to try to capture the phenomenon of the leaders of the superpowers now all seeming tobe 'superbullies'. Whereas previously, it appeared that the western societies where morally and ethically 'opposed ' to the concept of dictatorship and the consequent legitimised bullying which goes on within those systems. Thus, when I write about Trump, I try not to make too great a distinction between him and his collaborative colleagues in China, Russia, North Korea and so many other countries around the world. I have a small collection of rhymes ob all these leaders and I just think it is a pity that we seem to be moving towards a world where there is fast becoming no alternative to political bullying. However, as you are from the USA I will share those rhymes which focus on your own president  and his interaction with the world, rather than 'all' the others (including the UK) who tend to be somewhat insignificant in the superpower stakes:

My rhymes in this genre tend to be a rhyming commentary on the news of the day, so run into many pages of rambling rhyme. I hope these are not too overwhelming for you but I thought I'd share them anyway. 

Best wishes



Since this latest President
has been the White House resident,
he has shown the world quite fully
that he’s a narcissistic bully.

As his tweets have been unfurled
he’s shown he wants to rule the world,
and if he cannot get his way
he thinks that someone else should pay.

He feels that only he can know
the way that everything should go,
and therefore, everyone is wrong
if they do not string along.

In many ways, he’s like a child,
who has been spoiled and let run wild
to the extent that he can’t see
beyond the concept of his ‘ME’.

Most world leaders he’s insulted,
which unsurprisingly resulted
in the world perceiving him
as being dangerous - if dim.

He wants to play with the ‘big-boys’,
and bully them with warlike ploys
such as his intimidation
with threats of annihilation.

The way this President behaves
is to treat people like his slaves.
So, all must be subservient
and treat him as omniscient.

All bullies want to dominate,
dictate, control, and subjugate.
Thus, Donald Trump is no different
just because he’s President.

                            B. Withers 2020


Thus, now we jump to Donald Trump,
who seems to give people the hump,
as he prefers autocracy
to his own democracy.

He seeks to make his country great,
and says that he won’t hesitate
to make sure others have to pay
if they dare to get in his way.

His reputation quickly grew,
for sacking those who, in his view
did not strictly agree with him,
literally and verbatim.

He threatened almost every nation
with US annihilation,
if they did not tow his line
and view his dictates as divine.

He clearly wanted to be king,
and but for one, very small thing,
we might have seen, sooner or later,
Trump as the U.S. dictator.

The problem that this bully had,
was half the people felt it sad,
that now the presidential role
was under bully-Trump’s control.

Most known bullies are the same,
in that they like to lay the blame
on anyone and everyone
for all the wrongs that have been done.

Donald thinks he’s always right,
and is prepared to pick a fight
with any other person who
thinks he has a loosened screw.

                             B. Withers 2020

SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat)

In the year of twenty-twenty,
and super-bullies there are three.
I don’t think there should be any,
so, these three, are three too many.

However, having told you that,
let’s take a look at tit-for-tat.
For this is what we’ve seen before
as precursors to waging war.

Prior to the last election,
Putin supported the selection
of Trump to be the president,
though Putin’s not a resident.

Trump may have felt Putin was kind,
but, this was the last thing on his mind,
for Putin had judged very well
to think that Trump would not do well.

Out of all the candidates,
Trump was the one to indicate
that he could split the nation wide
and US people would divide.

Creating instability
would be Trump’s main ability,
and this was what Putin assessed
would probably be for the best.

It is a tried and tested ploy
for bullies to try to destroy,
cohesion in society
for their own impropriety.

Once Trump’s triumphant, and on track,
Putin knows he can step back,
as Trump will be the catalyst
for everything antagonist.


SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat) continued

At first, Trump would be grateful to
Putin, for helping pull him through,
but once he’s time to reflect on,
he will then know, it was a con.

Putin wasn’t altruistic,
but was thinking futuristic,
whereby he felt the USA,
with Trump in charge, would rue the day.

Putin recognised quite fully,
Trump, like him, was a big-bully,
but, Putin also realised
that Trump would likely be despised.

Putin knew that democracies
are nothing like autocracies,
thus, placing bullies at the top
might bring this system to a stop.

Or, at least, it could disrupt,
or make it even more corrupt,
which makes the people discontented,
then revolts can be fermented.

Bullies in a democracy,
smacks of a stark hypocrisy,
so, people will not want it long,
as basically they think it’s wrong.

Putin’s aim was to interfere,
in the vain hope that he could steer
the USA towards a fall.
which possibly could end it all.

But in a great democracy,
people will value being free
from bullies and from tyranny,
so may control Trump’s destiny.


SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat) continued

What has Trump done whilst in power?
but turn diplomacy quite sour,
and try to bully everyone
because he thinks that this is fun.

He makes decisions off the cuff
on all sorts of important stuff,
without any consultation
with others in the administration.

He’s railed against his own free-press,
when they don’t praise him in excess.
According to Trump’s ‘truthful’ views,
all that’s not his, must be fake-news.

He seeks to rule by ‘his’ decree
and sacks all those who don’t agree,
but that is not the whole of it
for when abroad he’s full of **it.

He states ‘he’ has power and might
to beat anyone in a fight,
and this is his diplomacy
to stamp home ‘his’ supremacy.

Most other leaders, he’s called names,
in his bully-tactic games,
trying to diminish their worth
and their position on this Earth.

He’s not a statesman who’s happy
with the normal diplomacy.
His designs for every nation
would be a total subjugation.

At last! He found a war to fight,
with China, who he thought he might,
dominate into submission,
by threats of trade wars and monition. (warnings)


SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat) continued

Jinping thought Trump must be a prat,
to think he’d get away with that,
without some retaliation
from his own great Chinese nation.

And so, a war of tit-for-tat
began between these autocrats,
but it was Trump who thought he’d win
against the weaker Xi Jinping.

I think that Trump was ill-informed,
about the act that he performed,
to start this war with the Chinese
to try to bring them to their knees.

For many years the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)
had recognised the ‘States to be,
superior in arms and wealth,
so, what they needed was more stealth.

Combatting aggro from the West,
they need to do, what they do best,
developing different weaponry
based on sociometry.

They would make the world their mates,
by charging lowest interest rates.
Plus, they’d show the world they care,
being benevolent everywhere.

At home, they had total control,
but overseas they showed some soul,
and folks responded well to this
for it showed no signs of malice.

The USA restricted trade,
but these Chinese had got it made,
for they had trade with everyone
and that could not now be undone.


SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat) continued

The CCP had done their bit
to recognise they should not sit,
and let the West dictate the terms,
insisting that the whole world squirms.

They now have the technology,
science and sociology,
to counter any Western attack
whether it’s from front or back.

It was Trump who picked this fight,
always believing that he might
even be able to succeed,
and thus, continue with his greed.

But what he had not bargained for
was China had prepared for war,
because they knew from history
for bullies it’s no mystery.

For in past wars, it has been found
bullies throw their weight around,
so, anyone who may seem weak,
their future will look pretty bleak.

The CCP and Jingping knows
that when great nations come to blows,
it may not be with arms and might
as weapons which they choose to fight.

The West has long-since used its wealth,
its social influence and stealth,
cajoling others to conform
controlling what they think’s the norm.

But China has thought this thing through
and come up with a different view,
which, I feel will put the West
to a very different test.


SUPER-BULLIES 2020 (tit-for-tat) continued
China’s future

China believes that if there’s war
it won’t be like the ones before.
The next war will be free of rules
and anything will be the tools.

In this age of technology,
science and sociology,
the weapons won’t be physical
but mostly psychological.

It’s China has the knowhow now,
to show the rest of the world how
to transform communications
across all disparate nations.

No matter what the West may say,
it’s China who will lead the way
into a future not yet known,
and yet the ground’s prepared and sown.

The Chinese have been sowing seed
to combat Western norms of greed,
and showing how to work as one
to make sure everything gets done.

The Chinese work behind the scenes,
and are prepared by any means,
to further what they deem as aims
in the playing of these games.

They are not bullying up-front,
they are not Trump or Putin blunt.
But still, their purpose will progress
until it’s a complete success.

There’s very few in other lands
who won’t accept their helping hands,
and gradually the world will see
a brand-new Chinese dynasty.

                                   B. Withers 2020

Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister


I have never seen so much "created" (written, sung, drawn, acted out) for someone like Trump than ever before. I wonder if history will be kind to him. At least his reign is exposing all the evils that are going on under our very noses while we are too busy creating, vacationing, spending, whining, and working to pay the everyday bills that keep piling up, to figure it out. Anyway ... I thought this song was quite creative – all politics aside. If I don't think on the lighter side sometimes, this frustration will continue to live "rent-free" in my brain.

We are capable of so much; effort and thought are needed now more than ever. Good thing I do not have to vote in the upcoming election but never fear, trouble, divisiveness, and ugliness is now rearing its head in my country as well. Methinks WE need the wall. However, there is always hope. Just K. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkU1ob_lHCw


Another from Rand:  "The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see."  from The Fountainhead   This would readily apply to the current Republican party.


I had an extremely difficult time posting today; it timed out, but when I checked after, it was posted ... and many times.   -   so I had to delete the duplicate postings. Technology never ceases to amaze. Just K



Hi Bill,   You have very accurately nailed the political state of affairs in the world right now, particularly the relationships amongst the U.S., Russia, and China.   Trump's narcissism prevents him from seeing that he is being played like a fiddle by Putin and will probably continue to be outmaneuvered by Xi Jinping.   I think your poem's predictions will prove true.

Just one correction, I am a proud Canadian!  


Bob 48

Yeah it's really looking a lot better now isn't it? Oh and Biden, I mean his family didn't collect millions from suspicious people and places for services provided but no one knows what services were provided but thank you for all your valuable insight.

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