Looking for Ostomy Undergarments: Comfortable, Discreet, and Stylish?


I have had my ileostomy, not to be confused with colostomy, which is less messy than an ileostomy, for over 5 years now. I am yet to find a line of underwear, belts, or intimacy garments that firstly, feel comfortable, secondly prevent my bag from showing when filling like a watermelon bulge, and look in any way aesthetically pleasing or don't let my fanny hang out... I'm a designer and I've purchased a whopping 3 hernia/belt or underwearish somethings that are just all wrong, and I resort to pregnancy bands. So I have a lot of reservations when in the moment of rapture just fizzle out from being so self-conscious about the ordeal. Is my bag going to leak? Can they smell anything? Ouch, this is really uncomfortable, and oops, the poops! Please send me some feedback so I can get some design ideas to the drafting table for all of us and any concerns if you already own these, a link or name to get us back on the saddle again, or plainly have sex and not feel so worried...!

I have a feeling I'm not the only one that wished there was a company exclusively devoted to developing intimacy products for ostomy patients!

Feel free to get as specific as possible. The devil's in the details when it comes to each individual person, and that's what makes a great fitting piece!


Ostomysecrets.com has a great selection of lace female lingerie. I've shopped there for men's clothing and women have way more of a selection for the bedroom. Good luck! :)

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Nightingale Medical Supplies in Canada has some undergarments. People also talk about Ostomy Secrets. I wear a maternity band or a bandeau.


I have taken apart a simple fitted silky long top and made the neckline fall below my breasts yet be fitted on my waist. I fold my ileostomy bag up and tape it so it's not draping out. Sexy, alluring and very comfortable for me. As far as panties...one size larger to pull up and my bag can tuck in. High sides and front. I prefer thong though.
Good luck. I'm not a designer, so you have a better edge than me...but I can sew. Let me know your ideas. As far as the sounds...put on music.


Hi Scuba! Check out Stealth Belt.

They have a variety of neat coverings. I have been using them for years. Not only good for sports and blowout protection but also for intimacy. Let me know what you think?


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Oh come on girls...........we need to see pics...........to ummmmm better understand the problem. Yeah, that's it.






Hey....ya can't blame me for trying!




Stealth belts are the best. Comfortable and supportive. They have adjustable and flip-on style with a really nice lace slip-on hood for intimate situations. They are expensive but worth it.



As a Floridian as well, products from Ostomy Secrets may be the answer you're looking for. Beaching, boating, intimacy, active lifestyle - it's all there. Let us know what you think.


Hi, I have an ileo and failed J pouch - but one way or the other, I have had a bag off and on since '89. I had the idea to have a stretch lace belt that had a holster of sorts for the bag. I am not a seamstress, but I thought it could be done and come in colors as well. Being a western sort of gal, I thought it a cute idea.


Capo Vito

I agree. As a guy, I'm not sure of the different challenges a lady may face, but Ostomysecrets has great products for men. nbsp


I guess not.....


Stealth belt may work, I'm a guy and it's probably easier for me than you.



I checked out Ostomy Secrets... and it looks like everything they have is for a stoma below the beltline, other than a wrap.   Did I miss something?




I looked as well. I was hoping for a high above the belly button thong or sexy one...not a granny pantie style.  


Yeah, I only enjoy wearing the thong style as well.   I truly enjoy the feeling of having a string up my ass!   Oooh....I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it!!




Scuba, look on Etsy. They have a lot of ostomy cover ups. 

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