Beware of Black Cherries: A Surprising Side Effect!

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The forum discussion is about the humorous and sometimes alarming effects of eating black cherries, beets, and corn.

I thought I would treat myself last week to some black cherries. One, because they are in season, and two, our supermarket has them on a ridiculous offer of 59p for a punnet. Well, greedy guts here didn't stop for a breath of air after eating the first one. Boy oh boy, did I know about it a few hours later. Only later, I forgot that I had eaten them. So when I started to pass large pieces of black stool, I thought my insides were rotten and I was bleeding to death. With fingers at the ready to call 999, I got a quick reminder of what I had eaten that day. Yep, those beautiful black cherries were the culprit lol. Don't think somehow it will put me off eating them lol XX

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Join the crowd, kid.  Black cherries hold their color all the way through... 

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Hi Caz, that's like when I eat beets or corn, I know a few hours later what I've eaten and with the beets it's kinda scary.


Can I just ask, what the heck is a punnet??


Plastic carton lol XX


What is beets? Have you tried sweet corn yet?


Ahh, got it!   I read your comment about beets?   Maybe you say beetroot?   Don't know what else you would call them!   Sometimes I think we need a Brit/North American dictionary!   LOL!


Be careful if you try sweet corn. I have an ileostomy and they definitely do not like each other.


Ah, right! Yes, we say beetroot, lol. I was thinking it was some kind of foreplay before you eat, lol. XX


Ya crack me up, Caz! As we say down here "you can't beat an egg but you can't beat a root!"

"Two countries separated by a common language," I reckon. What on earth do they call a punnet of strawberries?!

But I too get the cherry effect, same goes for a nice glass of red!


Glad to make you laugh. Yes, it's funny if anyone comes to the UK and spends time in London. It's all hustle and bustle. Then you come to Yorkshire, we have our own language. LOL. xx


Sadly, no foreplay involved!  I guess we are pretty boring here in Canada.  Our plastic containers of berries are usually just referred to as packages or even containers, except sometimes when they are referred to by volume or weight, i.e., a pint, a pound, etc.


Same happened to me when I drank a cherry slushy. Scared the out of me lol....

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Tried corn on the cob for the 1st time since operation March/22 with yesterday's was amazing smothered in butter, salted, oh yum in my tum.....held my breath then waited a few painless hours later there it was, out safe and sound....chewed it to death but boy it was worth time a whole ear instead of half....

Happy Monday


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Beets, they are a veg blood red as well as its juices....can eat raw or cooked

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I like them pickled.

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