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Has anyone 3D printed an ostomy barrier?


Howdy Gang,

Been pondering buying a 3-D printer and making minimal contact barriers that use a large foam O-ring rather than an adhesive bandage.....similar to the Nu-Hope adhesiveless urostomy barrier. I think I can make something better.........but before I go reinvent the wheel, I want to see if anyone has already started down this path. Printers are cheap, and we have a huge 3-D print lab at work........where training on how to program and use is free. And I'm sure they won't miss a few spools of why not?

If anyone has or is looking into this.........let's chat.



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Excellent question this is.  I don't know the urostomy materials at all, but I went a different direction with ilestomy supplies.  I'm the environmentally distressed type who cannot believe how much having an ileostomy has contributed to my carbon footprint.  It may sound bourgeois, however it really bothers me.  There is a company in Plainville, Connecticut, Perma-Type which makes old school vinl and rubber durable medical equipment. I ordered one to my specs with the hope that a reusable item might be beneficial to my quest, but alas, it was nearly impossible eto clean effectively, and the hoped-for seal was awful compared to the decades of research and development that the big three (Hollister, Coloplast, Convatech) has committed to the single use bag business.  Some lovely British folks, who own Ostique in London but are in early stages, and another UK company, Salta Health Care, had way more creative ideas.

Let me hear what you are up to with this. I would be happy to locate some 3D printing and guinea pig for the cause.  I know that the output issues are more widely variable that sometimes we consider, but think this is a truly worthy project.   Godspeed to any innovation.....or creative efforts emanating from the trenches.  Local control....has its merits.   Best, Ninja in Cali


Hi Bob,  I printed several stoma protective covers on a 3D printer and it works great.  The one I am wearing today has lasted 5 years and still going strong.  I tried to make it as low profile as possilbe so depending on stoma size (length it sticks out) you can tailor to your needs.  Mine is more  like a protective cup.  I have been debating bringing to market and applying for a patent but have not had the time.  It is functional without a belt too.  Penguins7


Hi Penguins7,

  Awesome!  The patent thing is a bitch.  I've got a friend who's been trying to get a patent on an invention for years now.  Your protector would be much simpler, so hopefully not as involved or go for it.  At least your production of them won't involve a lot of non-recoupable bucks.  

  I want to make a cover of sorts that has an inner circle of spider type fingers that apply differing pressure to a ring that hold the o-ring in place.  This way you can move and not have the o-ring lose contact.  Would need to be worn with a waist belt and a second thru-the-groin belt to keep it in place, but the nylon could me made thin enough to be flexible and still durable.  Lots of possibilities.  Glad to hear you're already heading down the 3-D printing path.  We might have to compare notes once I get started!!




Hey Bob,  Let me know how I can help you out.  My 3D stoma guard is very robust. I purhcased every stoma guard on the market after my surgery and then designed one and mine is superior!  Penguins7

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