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Want to join Yoga or Pilates.


I wasnt real enthusiastic about working out prior to surgery Feb9 21. I would really like to join a class of Pilates or Yoga, something. I know some people who worked out previously have started working out again after they recovered. ( I dont know them personally but on social media )
Please share any advice or experiences as I am really not trying to get a hernia because I want a flatter stomach. Thanks!

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Hello Feb9HH.

Surgery or not, the advice with regard to exercise is always to stay within your own limits and start off with the easy stuff. take note of your own body and don't overdo it.  With stomas there is a distinct possibility that we are likely to get hernias - so be extra careful. However, I managed to acquire one before leaving hospital, so there is no telling if or when these things might happen. After many years, I now do all sorts of things including lifting heavy items and working out, yet I have not developed any more hernias. Go figure!

Best wishes



Pilates and yoga are really good and safe excercises to do with an ostomy and building up your core muscles is the best thing you can do to try and prevent developing a hernia.

There is a woman on a well known social media site that does online pilates classes not sure how much she $$ charges but she is well qualified to teach and has an ileostomy herself 


That is encouraging! Do you know her name?


I don't think we're aloud to say there names on posts, I'm a full memember so I can send you a message with her name if that's ok? 



Panther may be talking about Sarah Russell. She teaches online classes for all levels from post-surgery, foundation to intermediate/advanced. She also wrote the Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit which is great.  

I do the live classes every week but there are also on demand ones to do in your own time. 

Sarah's great and would be happy to answer any queries.

More info here



Yes thats who I was talking about, you couldn't find anyone better than Sarah 



Admin please feel free to remove if this post breaks guidelines. 

Thank you.


Hi Feb 9 first of all welcome to the site, second I admire you for wanting to take up yoga and or Pilates. Just like everyone else has said go at a pace which is comfortable and don't overdo it. Let us know how you get on, good luck xx


Hi HH, I have a urostomy and I too would like to strengthen my core, can you send me her name too. Thanks Elizabeth

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