Medical Alert Bracelet for Ostomy: Necessary for Travel?


I will be flying out of town. Would a medical alert bracelet stating I have an ostomy be a good idea? If so, what information would be printed on it?


Moi... I have an ileostomy ID card that I show at the security checkpoint. I've never had an issue. They have you touch over your clothes where the bag is and swipe your hand to make sure you're not carrying exploding stuff! I even bring my own sandwiches and water from home, never had a problem and I fly many times. I also show it to the stewards on the plane, so if the bathroom has a line, I can use the one in first class. Everyone is extremely discreet about it.


Ooooh nice tip Ritz!!!! I'm headed to first class to use the bathroom next time I fly!!!

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Oh... so you're the one who keeps messing up the bathroom in First Class!!! STEWARDESS...!!!



Hi Moi,

I'm reading your question a bit differently than Ritz, so if I'm off-base just ignore. If you're concerned about medical personnel knowing you have an ostomy in case of an emergency (not getting through the airport) then yeah, it's a good idea. I mean the paramedics would like to know, I'm sure... if you're immobilized or can't speak. I'm not sure what you'd put on the bracelet, but I would think they have codes or abbreviations that medical folks would recognize. You'd also want to list anything you're allergic to and any other existing medical conditions. I'm guessing your name, date of birth, and SSN would also help a great deal. I keep a piece of paper in my wallet with all that info, but I'm not sure they'd think to look in my wallet in the heat of battle. I might have to look into those bracelets myself... thanks for the idea... I just hope they come in manly colors!



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I'm very clean, by the way, and my shi*dont stink!

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