Thanksgiving plans and favorite foods


Hi everyone.

I was just curious, what are everyone's plans for Turkey Day? Anybody doing any travel? (Be safe). I am just having a quiet (or should I say loud) dinner with my family. What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day staple food? Mine is definitely the stuffing. Momma makes it every year. The recipe has been passed down for years through my family. No Stovetop for us (although I do love me some Stovetop)..just not on Turkey Day.

The one thing I gotta be careful of is corn. I love corn and I don't wanna get another one of those damn blockages. Not fun. Anybody have the same issue? Isn't it interesting how veggies, specifically corn, come out looking exactly the same as going in? Gross story time... One time when I had eaten corn, I was changing my bag and a corn kernel literally shot out of my stoma and hit me in the eyeball... Gross...but kinda funny.

Anyways...just wanted to wish everybody a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy yourself and if anyone has any stuffing they wanna send to me..I am taking offers.



Happy Thanksgiving...we all have so much to be thankful for

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Tiffany, you are a hoot!  I enjoy your comments.  Stay safe and chew your food, kid.   HenryM

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And wear safety glasses.

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You said it, Ritz!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Morning glory

Well, Alex posted my line about the safety glasses first, lol. I love Turkey and homemade dressing and pumpkin pie. I am also doing a Junkyard salad.

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Thanks, Henry! Definitely likewise. I am also glad to know you enjoy my commentary. I am happy to know people are reading what I have to talk (bitch) about. That makes me happy.

Happy Thanksgiving

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You know.. Very good idea! I wonder if Amazon has glasses for that. If not, I smell a very good idea for Shark Tank. What would we call them? Names? How about "Spewage Specters"?

Now I got to start a new forum topic.

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Ooh, what is a junkyard salad? That sounds like it could be a type of pasta salad, and if so.... Pumpkin pie is good, but I am especially attached to Dutch apple pie with loads of whipped cream. I am also fond of punches. Any kind of non-alcoholic punch, because the Tiffster doesn't drink, clashes with my medicine. I do enjoy a good "drunk story" though.

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I'm still trying to figure out how your stoma points in a line to your eyeball. Maybe it was a ricochet off the wall? Anyway, take your safety goggles and enjoy the holiday.

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I was holding Stella back, making sure I got my stoma powder all around the bottom. So she was facing me, looking at me like "Ok woman, you wanna eat a big ole 2-3 cups of corn? Watch this." And my face was leaning in close to make sure the powder was surrounding her. "Her" being Stella (stoma).

Stella does not like corn or Outback mushroom appetizers (read other post). So that is my explanation of corn spewing out of my latest orifice. I hope that clarified things.

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Clarified it more than needed.

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I just thought your life couldn't possibly go on effectively until I set the scene for you.

"Knowing is half the battle" - GI. Joe

ron in mich

Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving, my fave is homemade stuffing in the bird and Brussels sprouts, but not this year as my family is going to help a friend who owns a restaurant do a benefit dinner on a donation per meal to help a couple charities.


Happy Thanksgiving all and all in good health. I am thankful for good friends and the ability to use my own hand to make delicious meals. I made my famous turkey with cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and a delicious pecan pie! Be safe! Mike


Dinner with family.. yearly favorite Magic Johnson's Sweet Potato pie.. yum yum!


I ate more than my bag can hold.

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I just got home and I am literally crawling to my couch. I ate sooooo much. Delicious though. Now... I just have to wait until the corn kicks in. Time to get those safety goggles.

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I usually avoid corn but there was a corn dish and I thought I'd try just a little. I got my safety goggles ready in case my stoma goes all "Tiff" on me. ‍


See... this forum comes in handy. You can learn something new.


Thanksgiving with friends. Lucky to be invited; last year's restaurant attempt was a total horrible experience. Relatives dead or the one 1500 miles away. No sob story, just reality for some of us as we age W/O children. Dinner was a joy and the company was, for the most part, familiar. Foo-d-amazing, Turkey, ham, pork, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, 3 bean casserole, more. 4 different kinds of pies for desserts. Luckily even with an ostomy, I can eat anything-- just not a lot period. That and delicious matching wines topped off the afternoon/evening.

Morning glory
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..Junk Yard Slad is really a desert. It was a big hit. I don't know why it is named that.

1 can cherry pie filling

1 lg. can crushed pineapple well drained

1 can sweetened condensed milk (Eagle brand)

2 cups miniature marshmallows

1 cup of pecans chopped

1 8oz container cool whip

Directions: Mix in order given. Refrigerate overnight. (I smooth out top with extra cool whip) just to make it look better.

I realize you may not be able to eat some or most of the ingredients but it sure is always a huge hit to bring to any covered dish...


Thanks so much! It actually sounds delicious. I may try to make that this week. Got any other good recipes? Sorry everyone... I know this isn't a cooking forum. I just love me some food.

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That all sounds very good. Is there a good white wine you can recommend? I am not supposed to drink with most of my medicine, but the doc says I can have a glass or two a week. Just not directly with my meds. What was your experience last year on Thanksgiving? I'm curious.

Newbie Dana

I live in Kentucky, but grew up in Louisiana. My sister just retired and moved back to Louisiana, so Thanksgiving was at her house this year. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful - crawfish etouffee, a big pot of gumbo, and glazed ham for something closer to the purists' idea of Thanksgiving dinner. We did have pumpkin pie for dessert, so I guess that counts. All in all, absolutely wonderful!