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Hi.  I get my Ostomy supplies, all of them from one medical supply company and have used them for multiple years.  Lately though (last 6 mos or so) they can't seem to get anything right.  Not only do they send the wrong thing but it usuayyr arrives @ 5 days after the said it would.  Do any of you have a company you can tecommend?

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I don't know if it's a national store or you could do it online but I use Kohl’s pharmacy here(Omaha). They've been great. Order the supplies, they call me to confirm(I actually get to talk to someone), and then my order is on my doorstep in about 2 days. They have had to ship my supplies(usually the bags) from 2 sources but it's always come a day apart from one another and I always have 2-3 month supply at home so it's no big deal for me. I just got a text from them yesterday saying it was time to order supplies. I simply texted back "Yes" and that's it, order is in. 👍


I use Comfort Medical.  I recieve a text from them saying it is time to order supplies.


I  have gotten my ostomy supplies from Byram Heathcare for years without problems.  *UPDATE 7/18/22  Eventually, I did have problems with Byram.  When I tried to order, they had "lost" my account and seemed totally without a clue.  I switched the beginning of this year to Better Health Supplies, Inc.


Hello Baw.

My suppl9ies come from Coloplast (Charter) and I rarely have any problems. However, I am not sure if they have a distribution network in the USA.

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Hi Baw,

  I use CCS Medical.  Stuff is always spot-on and comes in two days.  But make sure your insurance deals with them, as they are they all are.



I have used Edgepark for almost 20 years. They are fast getting your orders out. Very little problems with them.


I use Byram Medical. All orders have been on time and exactly what I've ordered. Hollister is also great to work with.  


Have used Edgepark for almost 20 years, zero problems.

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I use 'One Call' Care Management. They are based in Jacksonville, Florida. Their number: 1-800-848-1989. They are a very good company. They remind me when it's time to reorder. 


I have used Edgepark for several years and I haven't had any problems.  Sometimes a problem can arise with any regular order if you have recently changed some or all of your order.  Maybe you just need to clarify the order wtih them.  Maybe request that they send an email right after you submit the order to verify it's correct.

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Sounds really good through Kohl's. I never heard of that. I use one of the largest suppliers and have done so for over 30 years. I use to have someone assigned to me directly when I placed my order but now she's been in traing for last 6 months and expected to be until I don't know when. So, I place my order through "Advocacy Team" but it takes a long time to get my shipment completed because they are always out of stock. I have asked since I order the same supplies each month if they can keep my items on hand. But, no unfortunately. Sorry, I am taking this time to vent. It has been very frustrating for me too.


I get my supplies at a local drug store. It's not a chain store like Walgreens or riteaid. 


I use Liberator Medical Supply. I'm in New York. I have had an ileostomy since 2005. Liberator has never caused any problems for me. They give me a 3 month supply of items I need. They call me every 2 1/2 months. Everything arrives on time without any problems!


Shield Healthcare has been great for me.

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