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Hernia Belts


Hi everyone,

I was reading some older posts on hernia belts. Is it a good idea to wear one from the start? Will it prevent one from happening? I had my surgery in March 2020 and my stoma nurse never mentioned it. But it sounds like it is the worst to get a hernia.


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I don't think it's a 100% guarantee to prevent one. I think it helps but the chance(lesser with a belt) is still there to get one. 

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They are kind of pricey and it sounds like you have to get measured for them. Hmmmm


Check with your insurance. If you get your doctor or ostomy nurse to prescribe one, it might be covered. 


my stoma nurse advised me to wear one as often as possible which as time goes by i have become more lax. if you carrying something heavy and i mean heavy for an ostamate or doing something where you are exerting yourself then i would wear one. it is a matter of personal judgement but i would err on the side of caution. i would'nt have thought belts were that expensive but living in the uk and not wanting to sound smug i can get one supplied from the NHS (national health service) every six months. are belts in canada different from the UK ones? on amzon from 20 and measure yourself or get a friend to do it.

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I've just started searching for belts and they seem to be in the 200.00 CAD rrange. I don't have private insurance so nothing is covered. But it is well worth the money if it prevents a hernia. 

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