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Chewing Gum


I've heard another No No is chewing gum !?!? Has anyone tried chewing gum and what does it do !?? 

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Oh gosh I never heard this. I'm all ears to hear what others have to say. 😃

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Says it causes gas !?!?

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I have not chewed any gum in 9 weeks - since my surgery !?!


Well, I plead guilty to chewing gum all the time.  It's my way of avoiding snacking on sweets.  I've not noticed any effect on my ostomy, gas or otherwise.


Hi Miss Worrier yes thats what happens to me when i would chew gum, gassy and i would get more output as it made my stoma more active. when i had my original surgery one of the nurses suggested i chew some gum to wake up my system because i guess when they handle your innards the natural motion stops so chewing gum and swallowing activates it again. 

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Thank you !!

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I was told the same thing and the hospital actually gave me gum when I came out of surgery.


I guess it makes sense that chewing gum would activate your digestive system, as it does make you produce more saliva.  Chew away, I say!


p.s. maybe the warning was in case you accidently swallowed it?


I use Chewing gum almost every day, dont notice any difference ...


I am  a gum chewer. It helps keep my mouth from being so dry.

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And it doesn't bother you !??


A lot of things causees gas beside certain foods these things also cause gas. 

You may not realize it, but fairly mundane activities cause you to swallow air which increases the amount of gas you have. These include:

1. Chewing gum,
2. Sucking on hard candies,
3. Smoking,
4. Chewing with your mouth open,
5. Drinking through a straw, and
6. Eating your food too quickly.

Here are some foods that causes gas.   

What you eat plays a big role in the amount of gas you could experience. Eat limited amounts of gas-inducing foods like

• Cabbage,
• Onions,
• Beans,
• Fish,
• Dairy products,
• Garlic and
• Brussels sprouts.

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No it doesn’t bother me at all.


I used to chew gum all the time but it definitely caused gas and made my stoma very noisy. Now if I want to freshen my mouth I have a mint. No more gas and no more noise😊

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I finally chewed gum Today ! It didn't bother me !! Thank you 😊 


I've chewed gum and it's never been a problem, maybe if you swallow it. 


I've chewed gum and it's never been a problem, maybe if you swallow it. 

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I chew PUR gum asI have a dry tongue but always chew with my mouth closed!

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