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Question - Crossed or Uncrossed


Morning Mates...Quick question

I'm a chronic leg crosser especially right over left..

Has any been told by docs do not cross or okay to cross? Or do you suffer any effects from crossing?

Fill me in...

Have a superfine Friday and a great weekend...Stay strong smile on

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Well.........this is a different question!  I assume you mean is it bad for you from an 'ostomy' point of view, and not a general point of view.  There's all kinds of opinions for the latter, not supported by much real info.......but for the former.......never really thought about it.  Can't think of any ill effects from doing it......unless your stoma is so low it causes your skin to crease in that interesting question.....looking forward to hearing people's thoughts.




I’ve never been able to sit like that, I’m not sure how guys can sit like that. 😬😁

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We can't..........we've got all this "stuff" between our legs that the gals don't.  Plus they're just plain weird.


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always count on u for the right answer lol

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you guys can sit with leg across ur knee not crossed like us with a Y 😆 😂 


If you cross them just right you can monitor your Heart Beat !! 👍☘

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So Homie-with-a-Stomie-NS, did you get a real answer yet? LOL I would like to know as well. 🤔


I’m sure it affects your blood pressure, just like sitting with your feet crossed does. I can’t even get my leg crossed enough to consider sitting that way, let alone feel my heartbeat doing it. I’d probably need an ice pack if I was forced into that position. 😁😬😮


It's bad for your circulation so nurses have told me when they've caught me lol I live in hope of few of them spanking me when they catch me but so far no such luck! So I will just have to keep on trying waiting for that day!  

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you sure that's a heartbeat you are feeling 🤣 🤣 

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not really just our men being smarty pants again  🤣 😂 

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🤣 🤣  then please don't try Alex...the reason I asked was yes been told prior to surgery its bad for circulation and blood flow but since ileostomy if I don't catch myself and sit for a bit either left over right or visa versa I will get a strange pain on the hump area like a tender issue or cramp wondering cause I'm on the low side of placement wonder if I'm adding pressure to the hump area doc calls it a hump its like my inards are all pushed into a round ball and homey sticks out the middle of it... the strange sensation or pain usually only does if I cross.... no hernias etc so far 

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😆 🤣 never give up trying my friend 

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Don't have any advice to offer but I've been a right over left leg crosser for years with no ill effects, as long as you're not sitting down for extended periods of time can't see the harm.

It does sound like there are a few man-spreaders in the comments though, hopefully they keep the "mouse in the house"!  😂


Seriously guys, particularly on public transport, I know you have to give the "boys" some room but have a think of the girls on either side of you! 🤣

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Reply to J🙂


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That guy has a real problem, he might need some baby powder if it takes that much to “get some air”. 🤭😬 

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I have The Power ...I can hear / feel your's too ..I am a   7th  Son so I'm Special !! 😆🤪.  Today's my Birthday so I have Extra Power today ...keep that heart monitor close by 😋🥳💚

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Happy Birthday Eamon! 🥳💚🎂🤩🍁🦙


I assumed it was a serious question .....but it was also good for a laugh...  Hi All....   It's  Marsha...  more than 60 years with an ileostomy..   I''m   short   barely 5'2',   tall ( since I was 12)   and have very short legs...   I'm happy if they touch the floor,   at a restaurant,  on  public transportation, etc..   I'd see tall  long legged gals " cross, their  legs,   wi th feet  on the floor....a nd it amazed me..   The best  I could do was cross my ankles...   AN d that was before my ileostomy...   I  never gave it much though.....although I might have done it  a few times,   when I was " thin  enough",,  As in  " never"   my thighs always  " touched"...      Cross away......those  who can...   Marsh


I've never had a problem and I've had my ostomy for more than 58 years.


I've never had a problem and I've had my ostomy for more than 58 years.


Thank you all for the responses including the males lol.... It's probably just me sitting to long crossed...

After all a y is open at both ends will work on keeping it open instead of closed...

My mates rock!!!!

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Well, now we women have all this Stuff between our legs too! It’s not easy to get used to! 

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true that 🤣 🤣 

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