Seeking Japanese ostomy sink in the U.S. - Any advice?

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See if they come in colors... powder blue would be nice!!



Have you tried Amazon? They have almost everything. And by the way, I have never heard of a "Japanese Ostomy Sink"???? I'm going to have to Google it as well :o)

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w30bob you go! Go right to the source and contact the JOA (Japan Ostomy Association)....there's a 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page. Ask them who makes their ostomy toilets (don't call it a 'sink'....that's gross!)..........and see if you can purchase one. Although shipping will be a bitch!




I'm not really sure of this. I change my ileostomy when I'm in the shower, clean everything, and then dry and put on the new wafer and pouch afterwards. I certainly would not need something like this.


I'm not really sure of this. I change my ileostomy when I'm in the shower, clean everything, and then dry and put on the new wafer and pouch afterwards. I certainly would not need something like this.

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Please see below search results. It's not what you are looking for, but maybe you can find a good alternative to it. tbm=isch ved=2ahUKEwijhti4jsj5AhUPWhoKHeM7BD4Q2-cCegQIABAA oq=D985D8BAD8B3D984D8A9++D984D984D988D8B6D988D8A1 gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQDDIFCAAQgAQyBggAEB4QCDIGCAAQHhAIUKIbWM8_YLJMaABwAHgAgAHyAYgBwwWSAQMyLTOYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ8ABAQ sclient=img ei=gNn5YqPGMo-0aeP3kPAD bih=603 biw=1229.

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Interesting ... thank you for keeping your eyes peeled for possibilities. :)

These are all foot washing stations for Muslims, before they go to mosque I think, or maybe also before prayer.

Very cool basin designs ... I wish these were designed for flushing solids.

Hey, I have another idea - what about a dedicated sink with some sort of garbage disposal mechanism (to liquefy the solids)?

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Great idea! I constructed something similar when we built a house many years ago from available plumbing parts.


I'm looking at this thing and I sit down with a bottle of water, dump then wipe, rinse then wipe. Every time I change my bag (every 3 days) I take a shower without my bag and appliance and clean the toilet. There are 3 times a day I can change my bag according to its schedule. I can change it at 11am, 7pm, and 11:30pm. For some reason, it doesn't want to dump at those times, whether I just ate or not. Natural rhythm of my body. I also shower and take the drain screen off just in case of an accident. I can't remember the last time I took a bath; I removed the tub and installed a custom shower. Learn your times and schedule accordingly. I've had my stoma for 12 years and had 18 surgeries. VA screwed up my first surgery, and that's the cross we must bear!


Y'all, I posted about my quest on Reddit - and look at this reply link: sc_intid=254977

A flushing lab sink!!... Now, to see if I can find a cheaper version...


Just got another Reddit reply from r/askaplumber -

"You'll want to Google "flushing rim sink" and the first page comes up with lots of options."

This is so exciting! And proves that y'all were right, I should've contacted more plumbers.


Y'all, I can't stop thinking about this.

I'm out on workers' comp leave and have too much time on my hands (which may sound like a blessing but also is a curse).

Clinical sinks are expensive. Considering there have to be toilet-type plumbing additions to my crib, that's gonna cost.

What I'm mulling over now is - wall-mounted toilets!! Hung a foot higher than usual toilets, preferably with an additional hot/cold tap installed right above (with a sprayer attachment).

What I want is a poop experience that:

Doesn't entail poop splatters on my clothes/floor/etc.

Allows me to flush poop instantly to reduce the time it has to smell up my joint.

Doesn't entail getting into awkward and/or painful positions (like straddling and kneeling).

Minimizes my use of plastics (because I've moved to disposables since straddling and kneeling became painful).

Is that too much to ask?


Might have to think about something like this when I'm too old to kneel down to empty my bag, then get up to the sink to add a cup of water to it to rinse it out, and back to the toilet to empty that.... And yes, it sucks using a public restroom, but when it's time to empty, you gotta do what you need to do!


It's really awesome when we have the agility and ingenuity to make our ostomies work, at home and out and about.

But: it really sucks to have to take a knee to poop when your knees are not cooperating. So you go for disposable products, which are great (no clips! No Velcro!) until you start thinking about the methane your crap produces (and all the plastic products that accompany it) in the landfill.

I have not given up on the idea of somehow making ostomy sink-toilets attainable for the average not-so-rich ostomate. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Another interesting idea that could spawn from this and bring greater peace to mixed gender households is bringing urinals to the bathrooms of the masses. Just think, men, the coziness of just being able to plop down to unleash your load without a seat check ... Oh, wait, I'm on MaO, that wouldn't apply here, sorry.

Grins and happy new year to you all!


It's been a long time since I logged on ... Bless all y'all and may your stomas be sweet to you.

The ostomy sink idea hasn't gone away but at last I have activated on what to do in the short term: I have ordered two things, a low adjustable medical stool and a spray attachment that can connect to my bathroom sink. The stool - to lower me to toilet height comfortably. The sprayer - to let me do all my bag rinsing into the toilet. I'm very excited to get these items, figure out the new work flow, and will post pictures once the set-up is complete.


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Did you ever find this? I sure have been wishing they were available for us in the US. 

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