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Now for some rest


I'm home from the cottage, as usual my nurses were absolute rockstars.

Now to get some rest so I can start building up my stamina.

it's very nice to be able to sit without massive pain. Staples are out so my appliances should fit much better now. 
thanks everybody for listening to my hospital stories, it helps me tons to have a little levity while they have me in there!

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Hope ya heal fast. 👍


Welcome Home Abe…get plenty of rest!  God bless 


Awesome news...Rest well stay strong, go easy....


Sending loads of love and positive vibes your way! 🥰🥰🥰


YAY !!!


Welcome home!🎉


Welcome back home Abe now let's get healthy and your on a forward role. XX 💗


That's great!  The levity of which you speak is as important a healer as good nurses.


All the best wishes


Thank you so much everyone, it was a very pleasant nights sleep without thermometers, oximeters and bp cuffs every few hours. The only thing I miss is waking up to those nurses I spoke of and the coffee delivery(I always got a cup of their coffee not the junk from the hospital kitchen) now to grab a cup of homemade coffee and settling back into life, I'm going for a walk to the beach today once this thunderstorm passes. Oh and changing my appliance, my output has already started to make the change from all liquid to thicker and I'm starting the wean from the hospital pain program.

Again thank you, I would be lost without all of you and your support.



Welcome home Abe!!! Glad all went well and you're recovering. Walking on the beach is so therapeutic- it's my happy place. I hope it brings you comfort and joy while you're healing!  Best of luck to you! 



Hi Abe there,s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, and getting away from all the noise of a hospital. Eat your favorite meals even if its ordering in everyday and some excercise but not too much.


Happy to hear that you're back home safe & sound. You appear to have a very positive attitude.

Stay well.  Don't hesitate to check in with me at any time. I've managed had my ileostomy successfully for many years.

Take care and enjoy life!

Mike from Lakewood, Ohio 


So glad you are home and starting to feel better!



So glad you are home and on the mend!

(Gotta say, I'm a bit jealous of the coffee situation. I had my Barbie Butt surgery in April and only got instant coffee while recouping in hospital 🤮🤢) 

Nice to hear you are recovering and feeling well enough for a stroll on the beach. Enjoy!

Sending hugs and all the healing vibes!🤗💜

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