How common is the Barbie Butt?


Obviously on this site there's a higher percentage of people that belong to the elite Barbie Butt Gang. However, with so many on here having it, we're just a small amount of people having this unique physique. You ever wonder how many people you see, walk by, etc. have it too? I know of 1 other person that has it, she was (since moved) a vet tech where I take Cooper. Yes, my mind goes 1000mph on the most irrelevant things.


How the hell did that topic come up when you were at the vets? LOL XX

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I hadn't had Cooper in to see the vet in a while, and when I told the vet why (cancer/surgery/etc), she said that the vet tech had the same surgery. It wasn't like I just blurted out, "Anyone with their ass sewn shut raise your hand."


Now that's really really funny, thank you. It was a tough morning, and I needed that!


I wonder about things like that too.

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So, I guess that means you may be gutless but at least you're not an asshole.


Ok, I admit I don't know much about Barbie Butts, but if you are a guy, is it not a Ken Butt? Or is that something else?

I may not have a Barbie Butt, but I sometimes wonder how many people I see in public, in stores, on the street, at the gym, etc., who may be ostomates like me!


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Yeah, technically, guys would be Ken Butts. But nobody knows what you're talking about if you say Ken Butt Surgery.

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I can still be an asshole without physically having one.

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I don't have Barbie butt but I wonder about things like that too...since my ileostomy I watch people's movements and even more so in docs or treatment center etc...

So again Alex T you ain't allowed



Me too... No Ken Butt. They tried and failed... so I just have a dry well/hole. Every beach day I'm looking for that telltale bulge under the T-shirt or just hanging out, like my baggie. Never spotted a single one!! In Ireland or the US!!

When I sat on a hot sunny beach with Kitty, I wondered how often this happens. Two baggers in love on the same beach? And soul mates into the bargain!!!

I do look all the time!


Hmmmm.........can't say I really look....or want to know. I think there's far too many folks with ostomies and other bowel troubles than there should be.........but don't get me started on the tributes of modern medicine. But I really don't wonder about those things. Everyone has their demons and none of us make it out alive, so I just don't look or notice. But I do often ponder how unfair life is to some, maybe most, people. Not something to dwell on, but I do sometimes wonder how many good folks can't leave their home to enjoy life, due to medical conditions. You don't ever see those folks, and I'm sure their numbers are many. Like they say.......there's always someone worse off than you.........until there isn't. I have, in my old age, become much more aware of people's struggles........and gained a newfound respect for those that soldier on, when others may have called it quits. And we'll probably never meet those most brave folks out and about. Which is sad.


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Would have been funny if all the doggies raised their paws though. Xx


Wonder what we could call them Rex, but lol. XX

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For a guy, it's a GI Joe butt from what I've heard.... but those of us with Barbie or GI Joe bums are certainly not assholes anymore. LOL


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Yeah, what she said.

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Wow, a G.I. Joe butt?! Learn something every day! LOL!


Being blond, right afterwards, in the hospital, I referred to mine as the Ken butt.

From the radiation 8 years ago, I haven't been healing as quickly as they wanted. I even had 3 stem cell procedures, they seem to have allowed the healing process to increase.

Like yourself, I do wonder if there are others.

I do have an aunt that has had one for a couple of decades. I was able to talk to her before I told the doc I wanted to just cut to the chase and have all the cancer and defect removed. 10 hours later, I was cancer-free.

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But have that opening since? You might just get lucky.

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