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Going on vacation


I have an ileistomy since 2017 (actually my second one as my reversal did not work out). I have not traveled since then and am now going to Mexico next month. The question I have is will the Mexico climate affect my ileistomy I.e. Will it be hard on the appliance such as will I have to change more often.  Am worried about the flange not sticking  etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Have fun. I think the only thing that may affect your wear time is if you're in the water a lot. Otherwise, I see no issues. Take at least twice the amount of supplies that you'd normally use during the amount of time you're there and change on your regular schedule. You've had it long enough to know when it's time to change and not push it too much and get a leak. 


Tip 1  have fun

tip 2 bring extra products ( and carry them on, don't check them ) 

tip 3. Have more fun 


Hi Blanca,

It will be as hot there as it has been in Ontario this summer. The old adage of 'Take Half The Clothes Twice The Money' certainly applies to supplies as well. Use Carry-On if flying as a bag/case of supplies does not count against your allowance. If using Pearson they have a special line at check in for those with appliances e. g. pacemaker, ostomy, wheelchair, etc., and it is usually much quicker to get through.

Personally I would only use bottled water and avoid any beach food vendors.

Have a great trip!



Have a great trip! ( & don't worry).

Best wishes



Ditto all the previous advice.  You will be fine, enjoy!  BTW, I swim all the time and have not found my appliance has reduced wear time because of it.



I have been to Mexico  a few times with no problems.  Have fun and don't  worry.  Like others have said take extra  supplies and drink bottled water. 


Hi Blanca

Five months after my ileostomy surgery, I travelled to Mexico, from the UK, in December, and was there for six wonderful months, keeping busy with work, study and socialising. I only experienced a minor problem ileostomy wise, which was a slight leakage, due to my pouch flange becoming unstuck a little, when  I had been walking excessively. I use Dansac Invent pouches, and throughout my Mexico trip served me extremely well - and still do!

I re - visited Mexico again in 2016, and had a superb time, however on this trip, I ate pork, and was ill for a couple of days, but was soon able take up activities again.

Enjoy your trip



Stay hydrated.   Don't overthink this.  Enjoy yourself 🍷😎

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Thank you very much. Very helpful advice.

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Thank you very much

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Thank you very much Will.

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Thank you for the advice Terry. I have not swam since then. An activity that I have always enjoyed. What king of supply do you use?

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Thank you very much 😊 

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Thank you


Hi.  I live in Florida and manage hot humid weather all summer.  Other than possible skin irritation ( bring powder) there shouldn't be any issues.  As others have said, bring lots of supplies with you, including closed pouches for swimming.  


Hi you,ve got some good advice and like they all said dont drink the water, drink tequila instead.


There are some great ideas on travel tips if you google - travel tips for ostomates.

There are things to think about on the plane ride- choose a seat close to bathroom and aisle seat if able- to take Imodium or eat banana before flight to decrease output. You an print a card of the UOAA site if you are concerned about security ect. 

precut wafers as able to prevent taking scissors thru security and take some of your home water in a bottle or pre-moistened towelettes since your skin is used to be cleaned with your home water and hotel water can leave a different film on your skin preventing good adherence.

Have fun-

Certified Wound/ostomy/continence nurse BSN RN

Hello,  if you have one,  use one of those wraps that hold the bag and flange close to your body. Maybe some extra tape around the flange for more security.  This may help with being in the water or sweating. 

I also like to eat more rice or high fiber foods to help the output be less liquid and more solid,  this slowing down the output.  

Good luck and enjoy your vacation. 


I live in South Florida where it is very humid. I don't have too much of a problem. I am still able to change every 7 days. Just take lots of back up supplies.

Stay safe, enjoy and have fun.


Unfortunately the same thing happened to me as my reversal didn't take so I have a permanently ileo as well and yes Mexico is highly humid so I had to find humidity tape to keep everything sealed in tact as long as possible. 


I certainly agree with the previous advice- I use Hollister pre-cut flanges, and the only thing that I do differently when swimming / beach is I try to dry the fabric adhesive section of the flange using towel & hair dryer. I find if I leave it damp too long the skin below become irritated more easily. And yes, take 2x the supplies you normally use. Better to not need it and have it than need it and not have it :-) 


The bigger question here…..Why did we not get invited? 👀😁

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