Opinions on Sensura Mio Convex Flip 2-Piece?


Well... looking for some thoughts/experiences with the Convex Flip 2-Piece. I've been wearing it for the past year or so, and have found it has both pluses and minuses. But after my bag got popped off the other day (again)... I'm rethinking. Just curious what others have to say.

On the plus side... the bag is physically smaller than my old Hollister bag. On the minus side... the bag is physically smaller than my old Hollister bag. What I mean is it's really nice having a shorter bag, as I don't have to wear really long t-shirts to keep it covered. But smaller also means it holds less... which can be an obvious problem. Especially if you ever partially obstruct and then when it lets loose you have a gusher instantly filling your bag... and you running for the nearest place to empty it before it overflows and children start pointing at you with crap running down the front of your pants.

I thought I'd hate the Velcro closure system, as I'd become accustomed to the plastic clip on my Hollister... but I've done a 180 on that line of thought, and now much prefer the Velcro. Never had an issue with it not closing well or holding under any conditions... and there's no clip to lose or have break. So big thumbs up for that one.

Now this "bag coming off" thing is a bit discerning. My Holly bag NEVER popped off... ever. That double arrowhead seal they use is pretty awesome. On the downside... if something ever snagged my bag THAT bad... it would have ripped my whole barrier off, not just the bag. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But I've now experienced my Flip bag popping off rather unexpectedly about 3 times now. It happened each time when I was squeezing through a tight space and something touched the edge of the bag, despite my shirt being over it. This last time I was squeezing by my weight bench and I felt it momentarily snag on one of the upper bar supports. It wasn't like it stopped me or my movement, seemed more like a glancing blow more than anything else... but then I looked down I saw my bag on the floor! Luckily it was one of the few times of the day I wasn't having any output, so I wiped it off and slapped it back on. But away went that warm fuzzy feeling I had with my Holly bags. I've also noticed the hard plastic retaining ring that you snap to secure the bag is of varying consistency. Sometimes the plastic is very flexible (I always break it in half before throwing it away to protect the wildlife in the landfills), and sometimes it breaks instantly when I bend it. Not sure what's going on there, but it seems to be a quality control issue of some sorts.

So I'm a bit torn when it comes to the Mio Convex Flip system. I'm curious to know what you think.




I use Convatec 2-piece Natura Plus. It never leaks or pops off. But also, I'm not doing physical activity.

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What? No physical activity? C'mon girl.....you got to push the limits once in a while. As my friend Mario Andretti used to say....."If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." Pedal to the metal lady!!

But seriously, I will say that the adhesion is really good with the Sensura Mio....no issues there. I'd even say way better than the Holly....but the Holly barrier is more flexible, as it all bandage. The Mio is a semi-flexible rubber, that at first I thought would be trouble....but hasn't worked out that way. I use their rings too, despite wanting to try the Eakin rings I picked up awhile back. Only leak I ever had so far was when I ate a lot and accidentally fell asleep. Nothing like being woken up by the wet feeling of shit under your gut. Gotta luv being an ostomate!!!




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Oh Lord!!! A few times I was surprised I didn't have leaks. It ballooned so much I almost thought it would blow up..


Wow... you're the second person I've met that says 'Oh Lort'. The first is a gal-pal from Roanoke, but she likes to say she's from WVa. Never heard that one before I met her. And now you're saying it. Oh Lort!!


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Hello. I'm a fairly new ostomate and have been using Hollister one-piece bags since the beginning. The hospital and rehab used others that I didn't like, so I went with the first bags my wound nurse used. While in the beginning, some nurses used the two-piece bags, which I thought would be great, but they came unsnapped so it got messy. I recently ordered free samples of the Convex Sensura but the one-piece pouch. I just used one for the first time yesterday, and already it is leaking. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've had leaks with the Hollister too, but only after about 5 days.

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