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Suitable laxative


Hi folks,  my ileostomy (named Bailey) is three years old and very well behaved!  Two years ago I had surgery and chemo for ovarian cancer.  The cancer is back in an aggressive mood and the medications I am taking require a gentle laxative.  Can anyone recommend please. 

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Miralax is what they had me taking during my chemotherapy and radiation. 


Prayers  for you


Hello Tinmlizzy.
I needed to take laxatives at one stage and they gave me Senna. However, it made me violently sick and I've not taken it since. They then put me on Dulcolax – which was far too potent to be using regularly, so I then went onto Dulcoease which is  ducosate sodium. This was much milder and suited me better as it just softens the stools rather than makes them liquefied. 
After a while I tried the ‘natural' route and used prunes and fruit, which has proved to be just as effective so far. However, I still have Dulcoease in the cupboard, as a precaution.
The moral of this tale is to try things out until you find something that suits your particular metabolism. 
I hope you too can find a suitable solution.

Best wishes



They sent me home with LaxADay. Do not really use it any more, only if I miss a day.


Hi Tinlizzy,  Not bragging here, but I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to laxatives, (Hey, we all have to be good at something!) having spent most of my adult life with chronic constipation.  Those days ended three years ago, when I got my ostomy.  Anyway, most laxatives will have a diminishing effect, as your body develops a tolerance for them.  Even so-called 'natural' laxatives, like senna, will not work as well the longer you take them.  If you are wanting something that you use long term and safely, without developing a tolerance, polyethylene glycol or PEG, is my recommendation.  It directs liquid into your bowel, instead of just eliminating it.  It is sold under lots of different brand names, a couple that have been mentioned here, Miralax, LaxaDay.  It's also sold here in Canada in a few different no-name brands.  I know Wallmart and Shopper's Drugs both have their version of no-name PEG.  Just make sure to check for the name of the active ingredient.  There shouldn't be anything else in it but polyethylene glycol.  It's a powder you just mix with water and drink.  You will need to experiment with the dosage to see what works best for you.  Good luck!


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