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Frequency of appliance changing


How long should I go between appliance changes? I have a colostomy so I know that differs greatly from having an ileostomy due to frequency and consistency of output. I've heard that the longer you go between full changes the better it is for your skin. Just curious as to how long some of you all wait.

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I do every 4 days, usually Tuesday and Friday. My theory is I have a fairly fresh bag to start the work week and a fairly fresh bag for the weekend. 


Every other day - once in a while an extra day.  I also pour water into bag and swish around each time I drain (when I am at home) so the stoma gets a good rinsing!  Also,  I always shower without a bag on change day.  jb 


I also rinse the bag out 99.9% of the time. 


I use a 2 piece system so I change my wafer/flange once a week. The attachable pouches can be changed any time needed. I usually just rinse and use a deodorant in it when I empty. Sometimes they last the week...sometimes not. 💩


Once a day..I have a colostomy.  My skin has been  healthy.


So far I'm averaging about once a week unless I get a lot of lifting in between, I too flush my bag out with water when emptying it, as I have firmer, stickier 💩...I just didn't know if maybe trying to extend wafer wear time would be more friendly to my skin or not. I've yet to have any blowouts or leaks as I've heard of others having, perhaps because of my ostomy and stool type ?  

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Once a week is good. I did that for awhile while I was still off work and not doing much. As I got more active and went back to work, the harder I am on my bag. I’ve found, for me, the 4 days works about right. The last thing I want is a bag failure when I’m at work cause I tried to get an extra day or more out of it. I also noticed that the sticky part changes color with wear and how long it’s attached to you. I figured the color change is probably the stickiness wearing down. 🤷‍♂️ 


Sally - I use a 1 piece - in my early journey I have vague memories of an Un-trained ill advised home ostomy nurse over-pushing on an appliance trying to snap on a bag - painful and frightening- not even sure what that was about in my “still dazed from events” condition at that time.  I remember him starting to drop the blue liquid deodorant on my stoma area and my hubby shouting at him. With a couple of phone calls this nurse only lasted about a week and ended up leaving some various supplies behind.  I guess those supplies were my only choices until I received a Welcomed care package from ConvaTec with a me+ sticker on it.  The package included supplies and an airline card explaining I have an ostomy.  This package included 1 piece pouches which was what I used from that point on.  I am curious about 2 piece but tend to wanna leave well enough alone.

By the way, I am not sure how I was lucky enough to receive this canvas bag with supplies but I think my surgeon’s stoma nurse may have ordered it.   If anyone is interested the phone number on the bag is:  1-800-422-8811 - this was 2 years ago so not sure if number is good or if they would supply a bag without the input of a stoma nurse.

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I was set up with convatec supplies as well, I use the two piece natura system, I have noticed their flange system to be tricky to connect to the bags, a lot of pushing, so I'm trying to not have to change bags so much in between flange/wafer changes.

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Hi JB, I was not properly 'trained' to take care of my ostomy. LOL I had my surgery when covid just started, never had an ostomy nurse... I did have a wound nurse in training to be an ostomy nurse... I was not prepared to leave the hospital when they said you have to leave early because of all the chaos. 😲 But I do have 2 wonderful sisters and between them and youtube videos we laughed and cried our way through until I ended up with a system that worked. And like you I don't mess with it. LOL 

A big factor for me is cost. I pay all out-of-pocket (self employed, no insurance). So wafer/flanges are over 10.00 each and pouches are over 5.00 each and then the powder, paste, etc... it all adds up pretty quickly. So if I can keep the system on me for a week I am a very happy camper. 🌻 I do like the fact that I can change out the pouch without having to replace the wafer at the same time. 😍🌸🙏🦙💩

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Hi Wildflower, I use coloplast sensura mio click two-piece drainable pouch. I find it easy to put on and off. But I usually don't have to change it any more than I do my wafer/flange. Depends on what I eat I guess. No onion rings for me any more. LOL {plug nose emoji}

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I had a home health nurse for a month but we suspended services at the end of the month due to deductible/out of pocket costs and the need to return to work when my doctor's release says. It was also difficult to find a supplier that was in network with my insurance (the reason for Convatec), and since I'm supposed to be able to have a reversal in a couple of months I am trying to get my current supplies to stretch as far as possible.

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And to you a toast as I sing my possibly someday anthem

🎶🎶🎶  arrivaderchi stoma ! “  🎶🎶🎶

(You’re  prolly too young to know this tune from 1955-1957 (Dean Martin)
Goodbye, goodbye to Roma(e) or in the cases of reversal candidates 🎶Goodbye, goodbye to stoma 🎶


I have a urostomy so it's different, but I get 2 to 3 days before a change. I have been changing both the wafer and the bag. I could probably rinse bag and reuse it. I worry though about how good the seal will be when the bag is removed and reused on a new wafer.


 I've heard that the longer you go between full changes the better it is for your skin. It is only better in that you are not ripping your skin off when you remove the flange. Some people have tender skin or hair pulls. I not me. I use a Hollister  2 piece system and can get 10 - 15 days. I start with skin prep Salts ring Hollister flange and bag, if flange starts to lift I use Brava strips. I do not have a problem taking my kit off and my skin is in pretty good shape.


Personally, I think longevity has to do with two things….1) how much output you  deal with and 2) how hard a person is on their equipment. 

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I know sometimes when doing an all out change it's almost like pulling off a scab that's not ready to come off yet, if that makes sense.


While we are on the subject of changing, which is better and easier to use, barrier rings or paste?

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I’ve never tried paste but heard it can be hard to remove. 🤷‍♂️

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I use paste. But at this point I can't remember why I use it instead of a ring. Might be because my stoma is not completely round and I find the paste will squeeze nicely all around no gaps. 

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Get the adhesive remover spray and wipes, comes off with very little effort. 

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I use coloplast brava paste and I don't find it hard to remove.

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Renato Rascel composed and sang it originally, but Mario Lanza's version is considered one of the best. What a lovely place Italy is. I think I was an Italian in my previous reincarnation. They have so many words for greeting or wishing goodbye to someone, Arrivederci is just one of them. Addio! however, is a sad and final goodbye!

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Even though I love Dino's version I agree that Mario does it best (Italians really know how to roll their RRR's!)

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Haven't listened yet but I will! Fingers crossed, lol...thanks all!

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Are you talking about the wax circle or the tape to hold it on?  Or something else that feels like a scab being removed?  I use an adhesive remover - I let it sit on the outlying tape and it practically falls off.  Actually, for me,  removing that whole leach is a pleasant experience and a hot shower rinsing the whole shebang even more pleasant.  ☺️ 

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Anything sticky, lol, I've yet to shower with my stoma exposed, I'm only 6-7 weeks post op, my abdominal incision is closed but wasn't sure at what point that was considered "safe." 

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Well, I hate give you this visual but I was showering a couple days after surgery and getting my stitched up butt all wet and sudsy. You’re welcome for that thought on a sunday evening. 😁

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Meh, I'll pass ....thank you very much lol

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