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Selling colostomy supplies


Hello I have a bunch of colostomy supplies. I am looking to sell some of them as 2 of the boxes I have were not the right product and I have a large amount of the right product that I can sell. The only down fall is that they are all flanges. I have 2 boxes of Hollister/Ceraplus flanges 11203( 1 box has 4 flanges as I did not notice they were the wrong ones until I tried to line up my cut out for my flanges, the other box has all 5), the sizes listed on the box are 2 1/4"(57mm), 1 3/4"(44mm). I am looking to sell the box of 4 for $20 and the box of 5 for $30. I also have from the same companies flanges 11403 I have several boxes for sale and would be willing to let them go for $45/box.

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I get trying to get rid of stuff that doesn’t work for you. But why get rid of the stuff that does? Unless you’re getting rid of your ostomy, you’ll use it eventually. 🤷‍♂️

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When I get a surplus built up I sent to  they helped me tremendously after my surgery and my deductible was 8k so I like to give back to help others in the same boat. Also there's a group on fb that I help when I can. All supplies are free the person receiving items must pay shipping.


if you want some money then put them on e-bay.

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I am hopefully getting a reversal done soon, plus I have like 40 plus boxes of flanges that I will not be going through within the next like 4 months.

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I already have the 2 boxes that I can not use up on ebay. I haven't posted anything else as of yet because I want to see if they get any interest at all. I had a whole box order up on ebay at one point and got no interest in it.

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