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Morning all,

Fairly new at being an Ostomate. Have a urostomy since October 13th. Doing my best to not let this slow me down. Went to the grocery store my first day out of the hospital, went to Nee York City, Montreal and climbed 5 mountains as well as hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. That being said I'm planning my first trip to the spa and have to admit this is terrifying to me a bit. If I get a leak on the mountain and there is no one to see did I really get a leak hellip;haha. The spa day will include a massage and use of a steam room and hot and cold baths. I plan on wearing a wrap along with
inging an emergency kit in case of a leak. The spa is in Montreal about an hour and a half North of me so involves crossing the border and we will likely tour the City after so can't rush home if I have an issue.  Any other advice would be appreciated.
Have fun!! You seem like you covered all your bases so just go and have fun!! Enjoy!! Let us know how well it went!
It seems like you're in good shape to be as active so soon after surgery. I think you have it together. Just relax and enjoy day.
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I am a pool fanatic and I can suggest to use the Hy-Tape Zinc Oxide waterproof pink tape (latex free).

This is how I can spend 1 hour in a heated pool and jacuzzi with peace of mind. I use the 1/2 inch.

Have a blast!



Enjoy yourself . Remember to stay hydrated when using the steam.

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Thanks went today and had no problems but will get the tape as I live on the lake in the summer

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I used to drink tons of water before during and after the spa but purposely drank very little until I got home. Drive into Montreal Canada for the spa and did not want to have issues getting the massage, going into the baths or driving across the border. Luckily everything worked perfect but still ordered the tape you recommended for the long days on the lake.

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