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Buying on-line ileostomy bags with no insurance?


Do you have web sites to recommend for buying ileostomy bags on-line with no insurance?

I am looking at Coloplast 16768 which is not available on Amazon.  Thanks in 

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Let me check what I have unopened when I run upstairs. I know chances are it's the not the same, but can't hurt to check. I had a reversal in November and have a decent amount of unopened supplies. 

If I don't respond in 24 hrs just ask me if I happened to check. Between adhd, kids, dogs, cats I get distracted 😊


Although I can't respond to the lack of insurance aspect of your question, I can tell you that I have been getting supplies successfully for some time from Better Health Supplies, Inc.  In fact, when I ordered last week, my supplies arrived two days later.  So I'm obviously pretty much pleased with my dealings with this company.  I get Hollister supplies through them, but I'm sure they would supply Coloplast as well.  


Medical monks is pretty responsibly priced. I am sorry you have to pay out of pocket ..


eBay is your best bet. 

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I agree, Medical monks is reasonably priced and  shipping is fast. 


I got this from an email i have from Coloplast, they sent me unrelated samples:

If you ever need to pay for products that insurance doesn't cover, the least expensive medical supplier for cash pay that we are aware of is called Medical Monks and their phone number is 1-844-859-9400 and their website is Buy Medical Supplies for Better Health at Medical Monks.  I hope this is of help to you and please reach out if you ever are in need of more guidance.

There is also a site Shop Ostomy Supplies Online - Ostomy Pouches - Ostomy Skin Care.

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I saw their ad online recently and I really liked their website, it's so easy to browse through. But, was not sure if I should call. Thanks for the recommendation.👍


Hey, I did check and the #'s aren't a match.  Sorry :(


Hi YF,

  The "Big 3" ostomy suppliers each have an assistance program to help those without insurance.  I haven't used them myself, so don't know the details, but here's the list.  If you find out anything please post it..........I'm curious and I'm sure others would like to know as well.  I checked my ostomy 'junk drawer' and don't have any of those, or I'd send them.  Let me ask a buddy of mine who also has an ostomy.  If he has some I'll get back to you and get your address.


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I use Medical Monks myself. If you set up a basic account, you get free shipping for orders over $89. You can also sign up to receive text messages for special discounts. Recently got 15% off. Plus, they have pretty good customer service including a chat function. Finally, they offer memberships for additional savings.


Try EBay or Amazon or DW Diabetes also has reasonable prices

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Yes, Better Health will sell you supplies out of pocket.  Great company with excellent service.  I have a sister who buys from them bc her doctor refuses to issue authorizations bc of her refusal to leave the house to see the dr. or anyone else.

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