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3 weeks later...

On Friday 30th September it was 3 weeks since my final operation. It doesn't seem like long when I think how much better I'm already feeling!
Naturally, I celebrated properly. Thursday night is student night, so I went out with some friends Thursday night to celebrate life finally getting good again, and then Friday I got my nose pierced!! Probably not the most typical way to celebrate good news; no more injections, blood tests, canulars, pain, being in hospital - so I celebrate by having a needle and stud shoved through my nostril! lol but I don't care, I've always wanted it done, but in the past I've been in and out of hospital so a piercing would close up!I suppose the next thing I want is a tattoo, but even though I've been deciding since April I'm still not 100% on what I want yet!

So, I am now over 3 weeks post-op from having my failed pouch out and being given a permanent ileostomy. I did really hate having the bag for a while, and even now it's still quite scary to think that I've got it for the rest of my life now.... But this site helped me more than I could have imagined. If you've read my other blogs you'll know that I don't come on here often, but I'm glad I did come on at the time I did otherwise I would never have met that one amazing person. It's weird to think that around 5/6 weeks ago I was feeling really low with depression not far away (I was given the news that the pouch would never work and then less than a week later I got dumped by my boyfriend of 3 years...) and now I feel amazing. Everything happens for a reason and I really believe that now. If my douchebag boyfriend hadn't left me at the time I needed someone most, I wouldn't have gotten as close to someone as I did. And I'm so grateful for him being there for me when he was. He really has no idea how much he means to me now. Plus, having the pouch out has just taken away all the pain and problems so I can finally get on with my life without it holding me back anymore.

I'm starting back at college on 31st October (Halloween!!) and I can't wait to get everything going again. I also want to do some travelling in the next few summers to come, before I move out and can't afford it!! One of the first places I'm going to go to is Tennessee :) I hope I can go soon! I'm also looking for a job that I can do part time so I can save the money to go to Tennessee, and I'm finally looking to get back into the swing of driving lessons and tests so I can get a car and get my independence back!!

So, 3 weeks later.... and I'm feeling amazing. I don't regret the decision to have tried the pouch, but I definitely don't miss it. I'm happy with the bag for once, I'm happy with where my life is going, and I'm the happiest with him. Right now it is starting to feel like life couldn't get any better, but I can't wait for when it does. I hope this blog shows all the positives you can take out of crappy situations. I'm proud of myself for coming this far and staying sane, but I have a lot of people to thank for that. Including Dennis. You were there when I needed someone, and you continue to make me happier and happier everyday I get to talk to you. You have no idea how amazing you really are.

Life's good.

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What a wonderful outcome (except for the nose piercing)! May you know nothing but happiness from now on.

It's amazing to see you doing so well quickly. you're helping me so much with this as well. you mean so much more to me than any other relationship cause the bag is something we have that hardly any couple does. We just get each other. Plus you're just the best so that helps. I love you for everything you are and everything you do for me.

aww bless you both, I wish you lots of happy days ahead... I'm pleased you're doing so well so soon after your op you do have the right attitude to move forward wishing you good luck ,love happiness x
You are indeed a remarkable young woman. Keep on keepin' on and rejoice in the love of your life, your friends and family!

Hi Fran, im so pleased your doing so well you really deserve to get back to normalilty. Having your nose pierced is nothing to what you have been through,lol and its a challange too well done you,ive always wanted to get a nose piercing but too afraid lol.Good luck with collage., and traveling around,i really think your amazing young women .Please kep posting when you can on your progress when your back at collage,and all other things you manage to do on your traveling. I really think your such a good example to all the young ones on this site well done.. Best of luck for the ambies...
Ambies you should go for it with your nose if you don't have any surgery coming up for 12 weeks, I was so scared but after the initial shock it doesn't actually hurt as much as....having blood taken for example (especially if they miss the vein a few times!!)Thank you everyone for all your comments :) definitely makes blogging worthwhile x

Fran well if you had the courage to get your nose periced i surely can,as we both know what we go through with ops for stoma's,having blood taken and my veins just dive away when they see a syringe coming,its no picnic lol.Nice to know its not as bad as taking blood. Your so welcome Fran,and yes blogging is well worthwhile Thank you once again for sharing your times of trials with ambies ..x

Fran, Thanks for sharing your story I can totally relate. I to was dumped by my ex while I was in the hospital recovering from my first surgery. Only he didn't even have the courage to say anything I found out thru Facebook. So glad to see that you've met someone better though. Hope the rest of your journey continues to go well. Take care.
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