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For All You Great Peeps!....Plus, Reversal Update!

Good Evening, Dear Friends!

Well, it's really going to happen this time. My reversal, that is.

I will be sitting at the hospital at 6am sharp on Wednesday, Feb. 1st. Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to share a few thoughts with you on this "reversal's eve." I promise not to make this too sappy or lengthy......but, on second thought, you may want to go and grab that 2nd cup of coffee now......and, perhaps the other half of that donut, too....just in case!

When I first came upon this site, I really didn't know what to expect. Was this something like a "Friendfinder" for ostomy patients? Or an "" dating site......or a pen pal forum, or WHAT?

Intrigued by the first few posts I read; I cyber-trotted on and began to say to myself.... "Oh gosh, how funny was THAT?" or "Wow, what an UPLIFTING testimony!!" or "What a challenge this person has overcome!"......

Pretty soon, a couple hours had passed and I was STILL laughing, or reading an excerpt out loud to my spouse, or wiping away tears, or doing all of these things at once!

And THAT'S when I knew.

I knew that I had found a new home. A place where I could really "unload", from time to time about absolutely anything; without fear of rejection or reprisal. A place where I could rejoice in the "small victories" with others who have had similar experiences. A place where I could "bust a bag" with laughter over the latest joke or witticism!

You have taught me so much about ACCEPTANCE and LIFE and LIVING LIFE to its fullest potential. A life not defined by the size of a bag.....but by the size of a heart. Lessons that I desperately needed to learn so I would stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with the business of LIVING, too! It took a good stiff kick in the ostomy panties to get me off my duff and living again; and I thank you for being the examples that I needed to begin to pick up the paintbrushes of my own canvas and paint again.....this time with renewed boldness and brighter colors! :) I am humbled by the sufferings of others here as compared to my own situation.

So I take a tiny piece of all of you with me tomorrow as I face my reversal surgery. If it works; I'll be here to share my journeys of recovery with those who choose and those who are candidates for reversal in the future. If it doesn't; I'll be here to share my journeys of recovery with a permanent ileostomy with those who will walk alongside me. At any rate, my friends, I'm afraid you're stuck with me! ;)

I'll update you as soon after 2-1 as I am able! Please keep me in your prayers!


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Amen, sister friend. You are such a strong woman and a great inspiration to us all. I'll be thinking about you and praying for the best.
hi darla wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery. ron in mich.

Darla, Our prayers and positive thoughts will indeed be with you. You have been a great mentor here with your positive philosophy. And here's wishing you the speediest recovery! Best Wishes, Colm

Darla your in my prayers and thoughts for op and speedy recovery. Your just going to be fine. Look forward to seeing you blog very soon and an update.. tc my friend ambies...

Quick word ..... To so many of you - friends. Due to some personal difficulities, I haven't posted much. I am watching your progresses, difficulties, fears, shifts and successes. As always, you have my greatest respect. I continue to hold each of you with loving honor in your endeavors. Thank you so much for continuing to share your lives. It helps us all to be part of this special group of people. You give even more than you know. My life is righer because you are there. Carol

Its good to see you back Carol. Oh I know well we've all had our ups and downs here recently. I do hope your own woes are short-lived and uyou get to be a more regular visitor here once again. I'll apologise here now in advance to not posting as regularly as I'd like. I came back yesterday to find my poor old mac laptop completely dead and today had a diagnosis from a computer friend to say my mac was finished. Darn! Until I'm back in fulltime work again I don't think I can afford a new one. So for now I can blog on my old phone but can't answer forum topics. :-( So here's wishing you, Carol and everyone here better days ahead. Take good care, Colm

Dandare - understand $$$. I have a small Eee netbook - works well for me - less than $400 - still $$$ but bearable for me. Everyone in my family is computer oriented so I get lots of advice. My Eee does everything I need...........
Carol - SO GOOD to hear from you, dear lady. You are consistently on my list of specials...the precious kind. :) Colm - I just got an ASUS eee transformer 10 tablet...I love it and it's much less $$$ than an Ipad!

Blessings always my friend....BEG

Thanks ladies for the recommendations! I really appreciate it and will look them up when I can. Its just a matter of prioritising at the moment. But more importantly, get yourself better soon Darla and you too Carol. Take good care, Colm
I hope your reversal goes as well as mine and you will be back on your feet again soon
Not sure if you're going to feel up to it or not, but maybe you could come to a UOAA support group meeting to let us know how your surgery went! The next meeting is February 14th at noon. It's at Professional Building 3, room 170 at noon. Professional Building 3 is located at the NW corner of 15th and Coit in Plano across from Medical Center of Plano. This will be my first meeting. They do it every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the same location. Maybe if not at this meeting, you can come to one soon. Hope all went well. Been praying for you!
I hope your reversal went well. I'm going in tomorrow Feb. 3rd for my reversal and hernia repair. I'm nervous but hopeful it will work. I've learned so much from the people on this site. I'll post when the surgery is over and I'm strong enough. MJ
Courtney...i wont be able to come to the feb meeting but can possibly do march. Would love to tell folks about all that has transpired. I. am doing was done laparoscopically and have already had my first bm. Very weird after all this time with a bag. Thanks for the prayers. Darla

MJ - Our very best wishes and prayers go with you for tomorrow and may your recovery be a speedy as Darla!Darla - What wonderful news. Am truly delighted all went so well and may your recovery continue like this. Sorry can only blog right now. God bless you both and take good care, Colm

Outstanding news buddy !!! Blessings to you throughout this journey andBEST wishes for the speediest of recoveries. How exciting and anxious you must be to start living the life you were meant to live. Don't forget us, we'll still ALWAYS be connected.BEG
Mj i would like an update too esp the hernia sseems im not finding out many good storys of having a good chance of these bastards getting fixed so i havnt been on getting pissed off yeah the reversal thing hope yours goes flat sticks cause mine went arse up HAHAHAHA i think i needed that lol now anyone with hernias good storys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..Mine are giving me the jimmy brits (shits) big time .i just had a ct scan wedenesday 1st so drank that shite on had the needle too ya know the one feels like a gunna peeeeeeeeeee or your head feels like its going to melt i forgot that i have had a few of these , they asked if i had a barium meal b4 OMG were they shitting me hell yeah worst meal i eva had LOL actually they have come along way didnt taste as bad as it used to be p.s i used to tip most out and say i drank it all my luck as the test was being done they worked out i didnt drink it all so lets have another one yuk ....always try to get outa drinking that stuff but not always as cunning as i thought HAHAHAHAH feb 10th will be my catergory 2 semi-urgent final day let the hassling begin hoping that its gunna be worth it these big kahuna's are driving me batty and now my flange thingy has begun to cut into my skin so had a few dramas and 4 weeks later the wound is still healing dont want anymore scars round that part of my belly (abdo) harder to keep the edge of pouch sticking and NOOOOO pastes the easyier the better ..okay seeyaz later xxx hey carol i must have been MIA with you too ......moozeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee has been a bit of a struggle coming back on site can get a bit much when your heads gets all crazy with dramas ok taa taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please take care Mooza, I can't imagaine how you're managing to keep that wonderful attitude. You, like so many others here....are such an inspiration......BEG
Darla,We are blessed to have you in our community.Now you will be an inspiration to others when they are in need mentally to cope with these demons of fear from not knowing whats coming next.There is strength in numbers we are a mighty lot.God bless Darla.
Thank u so much zeppo. I really appreciate your kindness. I plan to share my recovery journey with those who care to walk along with me.........i am truly blessed to have all of your support and prayers. So far so bowel has definitely woken up.......i hope i can get out of the hospital by Tuesday or so.:-D. Darla
awwww begy :|)))
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